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Well I Had A New Facebook Profile For 1 Day, Then They Say This

Added: Wednesday, July 10th 2019 at 9:24pm by wesleyonrot

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User Comments

NEVER BEFORE, on any of my previous profiles.

Zuckerberg go shave your wife's vagina hair. {#apploud.gif}

Twitter I had a new profile for 2 minutes then they ask for a mobile phone number. {#angry.gif} Bye Dorsey forever.

Now Linkedin I had to say I am a reflexologist at the shoe store Walking On A Cloud I and say my name is Wesley Onroty. Yes at Hillcrest Mall there is a store, but no I don't work there. So they will probably get rid of me soon.

And guess who blocked me? I can't even like them?

Little Bardisha, Little Ruby Sahota, and Sonia Sidhu. Can I shave your vagina hair?

You can all lose October 21, every single one of you SHITBERALS! Except Kirsty Duncan and Kamal Khera, I love them. Yeah 2 seats like 1993, Yes Canada better is possible. No more Boy Wonder, and no more of his friends. {#apploud.gif}

I will never hate this woman, but I will be very sad if she hates me.

Image result for kirsty duncan

The Honourable Kirsty Duncan - Research ... rc-rc.ca

I can't hate this woman I need a nurse. I hope she does not hate me.

Image result for kamal khera

Kamal Khera on Twitter ... twitter.com

So this little thing controls my country when Boy Wonder is not around?

Image result for bardish chagger

Bardish Chagger - Home | Facebook facebook.com

Her friends know how to be barefoot, she does not? 

Bardisha, will you please Make Love With Me Not War? Will you please help Make Planet Earth Normal Again? And will you please Respect My Sperm?

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