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Toronto Lockdown Night 2

Added: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 at 6:41pm by wesleyonrot

Doly Begum, Ontario NDP Cutie Pie

Doly Begum, Ontario NDP Cutie Pie
But Not Single Sadly

User Comments

I would hold her hands and kiss her toes if she was single. The only Socialist Muslim I would want to love.

I would not want this one.

Rima Berns-McGown MS.png

She is way too left wing for me. Sorry Rima, you do have nice feet.

Now this sweetie I would really love to love she is so beautiful but so left wing.

Laura Mae Lindo, ONDP MPP for Kitchener Centre.jpg


Laura you are super sexy.

This nutcase NO I do not want at all


Dr. Jill Andrew @JILLSLASTWORD · Nov 23 Daisy Wai @Daisy_Wai_PC John Yakabuski @JYakabuskiMPP Ross Romano @RossRomanoSSM Shame. #onpoli 3 19 37 Show this thread Dr. Jill Andrew @JILLSLASTWORD · Nov 23 Prabmeet Sarkaria @PrabSarkaria Laurie Scott @LaurieScottPC Donna Skelly @SkellyHamilton Dave Smith @DaveSmithPtbo Kinga Surma @KingaSurmaMPP Nina Tangri @ninatangri Lisa Thompson @LisaThompsonMPP Michael Tibollo @MichaelTibollo #onpoli 2 23 32 Show this thread Dr. Jill Andrew @JILLSLASTWORD · Nov 23 Vincent Ke @vincentkempp Jim McDonell @JimMcDonell Monte McNaughton @MonteMcNaughton Christina Mitas @Christina_Mitas Rick Nicholls @RickNichollsCKL Sam Oosterhoff @samoosterhoff Billy Pang @Billy__Pang Lindsey Park @lparkpc David Piccini @DavidPiccini #onpoli 2 18 32 Show this thread Dr. Jill Andrew @JILLSLASTWORD · Nov 23 RECEIPTS Receipt - PLEASE RT Police cars revolving light List of PC MPPs who chose to stand with a bigot today: Toby Barrett @TobyBarrettHN Will Bouma @WillBoumaBrant Lorne Coe @lornecoe Doug Downey @douglasdowney Jill Dunlop @JillDunlop1 Goldie Ghamari @gghamari Mike Harris @mikeharrisjrpc #onpoli


I am sorry Jill but you do not know how to be barefoot.

This babe I really want so badly but she is not single.

Marit Stiles QP.png

Marit I love women like you who want to fix the Toronto schools.

This girl I don't know so I don't want.

Bhutila Karpoche at All Candidates Meeting.jpg

Bhutila, I do like women who care about the city.

But this sexy girl I would do anything for.

Jennifer French at Alpha-One - 2017 (cropped).jpg

I love teachers like you Jennifer.

This girl is from Australia, not single but I have a crush on her.

Jessica Bell QP.png

Jessica I love women like you who want to fix the Toronto Transit Commission

No I can't love this ultra left winger at all, not single thank God.

Suze Morrison.png

Sorry Suze but you hate me for some reason.

I love you Sara but you blocked me on Instagram, I don't know why, are you not single?

Sara Singh QP.png

This older woman is in the same city as Bardisha, she not single too.

Catherine Fife Official.jpg


You do look beautiful Catherine.

Here is Gretzky cousin in law

Lisa Gretzky MS.png

Lisa I have not been to Windsor in many years.

So do any of your friends like me?

Horwath infobox.PNG

I like you Andrea if you are single.

So these are 13 girls that want to beat Doug in 2022.


Roland Orzabal -- Low Life -video official 618 views4 years ago newroycollection Roland Orzabal -- tears for fears -Low Life.

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