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The Why I Love Kirsty Duncan And Her Feet Survey

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, November 12th 2019 at 2:05am by wesleyonrot

1 Response Created by wesleyonrot on November 12, 2019


Would I Love Kirsty If She Did Not Have Feet?

  • Same As Tulsi Gabbard And Becky Lynch, YES!
  • No She Must Have Feet.


Has She Ever Painted Her Toenails?

  • Maybe When She Was Younger.
  • Never


Has She Ever Had A Foot Massage?

  • If She Has Had Boyfriends And Husbands In The Past, Probably A Lot Of Foot Rubs.
  • Never


Does She Have The Most Beautiful Feet In The World?

  • 53 Year Old Feet Can Be Very Sexy.
  • Not For Much Longer


Why Love Kirsty?

  • To Stick It To Ruby And Belinda And Martha, I'm Getting Who I REALLY Want.
  • I Just Love Her Feet


Will She Be Prime Minister Someday?

  • No Chrystia Plutocrat Will
  • Yes


Why A Ultra Left Wing Liberal Woman?

  • I Am Ultra Conservative, But I Can't Find Any Right Wingers To Love In This Country.
  • She Can Teach Me How To Be Left Wing


Has She Blocked Me On Social Media In The Past?

  • Her Stupid Staff Did, She Would Never, Would She?
  • She Blocked Me


Who Do I Love If She Does Not Want Me?

  • If I Get Stuck With Ana Bailao, GOD HELP ME!
  • She Will Want Me


Is She A Christian? She Has A Lot Of Muslim Friends, And Voters.

  • Do I Really Care Which Bible She Reads? I Worship Her Not Her God.
  • As Long As I Don't Have To Be A Muslim I Love Her 100 Percent.

User Comments

11, Does She Have A Foot Fetish, No She Does Not, I Just Want to Love Her Feet, She Does Not Have To Love Mine.

12, Would I Have Sex With Her If She Can't Get Pregnant? I Guess With A Condom.

13, Would I Always Love To Be In Ottawa When She Is There? Not During The Cold And Snow And Ice.

If She Ever Does Become Prime Minister, Do I Have To Vote Liberal And Love Abortion And Marijuana And Muslims And The Carb Tax? If I Get To Marry Her, I Have To Support Her No Matter What She Does For The Country.

15, Even If She Nuked Israel if They Wiped Out All The Palestinians? {#help.gif}



Israel-Gaza clashes escalate after Islamic Jihad commander killed

Islamic Jihad promises to retaliate after Bahaa Abu al-Ata and his wife were killed by an Israeli air attack on Gaza City.

What The Fuck I Just Posted Something From Al Jazeera!

 11h11 hours ago More

Canada strongly condemns the unacceptable firing of rockets at civilians in . Immediate de-escalation is necessary. We fully support the efforts of Egypt and the UN in this regard.

101 replies117 retweets242 likes Reply  101   Retweet  117   Like  242
FollowFollow @RepDWStweets More

Israel has a sovereign right to defend her citizens from indiscriminate terrorist attacks. She experienced 100+ rockets launched at civilians today. I just led a bipartisan Israel trip w/ Congresswomen to deliver a commitment to Israel's safety & security.

FollowFollow @IDF More

The IDF operated decisively and precisely against Islamic Jihad in Gaza until quiet returned to the skies above Israel. Quiet will be met with quiet. We will continue to protect the people of Israel and are prepared for any threat on all fronts.

11:16 PM - 13 Nov 2019 439 Retweets 1,723 Likes 118 replies439 retweets1,723 likes Reply  118   Retweet  439   Like  1.7K

16, Even If She Supports Abortion Of The Baby After It Is Born? {#crying.gif}

17. If She Was A Lesbian, Would I Become A Transgender Woman So I Can Love Her? {#saythat.gif}

{#congrats.gif} I {#floating.gif} Her 100 Percent. Does She {#heart.gif} Me Too? 

18, Even If She Smokes Tobacco/Marijauna And Drinks Beer/Wine And Does Drugs And Is A Vegetarian Or Vegan? 

It Is Her Body And Her Lifestyle Choices. I Would Hope She Would Quit So She Does Not Get Cancer Or Have Heart Attacks Or Strokes.

19, Even If She Is A Sharia Law Loving Muslim And Wants Me To Become A Muslim? As Long As I Don't Have To Speak Arabic, I Only Speak English.

20, Can She Tell Me What Really Happened With Jody Wilson Raybould?

If Andrew/Bernier Had Won The Election.

21, After The Chinese Virus Is Gone, Would She Sue Them For Trillions?


In case you forgot who Kirsty is

And her most famous photo in history

She loves to dance barefoot

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