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The Ontario Curfew Has Started

Added: Thursday, January 14th 2021 at 12:00am by wesleyonrot

I Am Stuck In My House Until I Don't Know When. 

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Thanks For Nothing

While 41 per cent of voters were unsure of who they support as a replacement for Patrick Brown, former MPP Christine Elliott led the pack of eight people with 12 per cent, just ahead of Doug Ford, who polled at 11 per cent.


Christine I Don't Hate You But Your Party Is Going To Be Wiped Out.

I Will Remember This On June 2, 2022.

Yes You Too

Caroline Mulroney photo

Caroline If You Want Me To Forgive You Let Me Play With Your Feet Every Night.

And You As Well

Lisa MacLeod photo

Lisa Try Talking To Me Please Stop Blocking Me.

And Also You

Merrilee Fullerton photo

Merrilee You Do Look Cute.

As For You I Won't Blame You I Love You

Kinga Surma photo

I Really Want To Marry You Kinga.

And You I Love So Much So I Won't Be Angry With You

Effie Triantafilopoulos photo

Effie You Are So Sexy.

Last, You I Want To Fall In Love With So I Will Never Hate You


Beautiful Nurse

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