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The Only Way To Add Women And Change Politics Is

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, September 24th 2020 at 12:26am by wesleyonrot
Category: Photos > Scientific > Biology

I Am Pro Life

I Am Pro Life

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Liberal Party @liberal_party · Feb 27, 2019


Add women, change politics. @RachelBendayan , @JeanYip3 , @mary_ng , @MonaFortier , and @emlambropoulos now represent the largest number of women that any party has seen elected in a single mandate of by-elections - ever. 🙌 #TeamTrudeau

And they believe in reducing the number of new girls in the world? 

There is nothing Progressive about killing babies. Letting them be born is Progressive. {#apploud.gif}

She did give birth to her daughters. {#angelgirl.gif}

Chrystia Freeland in Ukraine - 2017 (cropped).jpg

And she did too {#angelgirl.gif}

Catherine McKenna 2016.jpg

And even this thing did {#angelgirl.gif}

Debbie Wasserman Schultz official photo.jpg

So at least they are personally Pro Life. 

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