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Ruby Dhalla

Added: Sunday, December 1st 2013 at 1:36am by wesleyonrot

Please be my girlfriend or wife. You are the girl of my dreams.

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And please get rid of my Asperger Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes and foot fetish.

And please be Prime Minister when Tulsi is President.{#apploud.gif}

We could stay at the Homewood Suites in Springfield, Virginia, instead of the White House when we meet the world peace maker.{#friend.gif}

I hope in the distant future when we are very old we die the same day and go straight to Heaven.

If we see a movie when we meet, I know what to see. 

2:11 Loving Annabelle - In The Church myjulyful 6 years ago 43,733 views

If you really don't want me, tell the other Brampton Ruby, Mrs Sahota, to get a divorce and let me love her.


Why do I love Sikh girls so much? {#help.gif}

So I have been on Blogster for 6 years, this was my first post I guess.

So Ruby, because Kirsty is one of your best friends, can I be with BOTH of you?

Come to Blogster anytime, you can say anything.

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