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October 21, Remember Canada, Anyone BUT HIM

Added: Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at 7:25pm by wesleyonrot


On the day the SNC scandal broke Trudeau said the story was false – and he spent months repeatedly and flagrantly misleading Canadians, shutting down inquiries, and covering up the truth. Now we know he has found guilty by the Ethics Commissioner. He is not as advertised.

User Comments

Should have voted for this instead people


FollowFollow @kinsellawarren More

Resign, you duplicitous SOB.

12:00 PM - 14 Aug 2019 251 Retweets 752 Likes 82 replies251 retweets752 likes Reply  82   Retweet  251   Like  752

We don't have Impeachment in this country.

FollowFollow @LindaFrum More

As had mentioned - it’s much much worse than we thought.

10:41 AM - 14 Aug 2019 62 Retweets 195 Likes 7 replies62 retweets195 likes Reply  7   Retweet  62   Like  195
FollowFollow @lraitt More

You know how to “make sure this never happens again?” By throwing out this corrupt Liberal Government on Oct 21.

12:07 PM - 14 Aug 2019 493 Retweets 1,737 Likes 388 replies493 retweets1,737 likes Reply  388   Retweet  493   Like  1.7K

Problem Lisa, if you only win a minority, their next leader, likely a woman, likely Chrystia Plutocrat, will beat you next time.

Did not read the whole thing, guess I better soon.

Image result for plutocrats chrystia freeland The rise of the new global super-rich ... dailymaverick.co.za

Like I always said, they are the most arrogant and corrupt political party in the world.

FollowFollow @MichelleRempel More

Justin Trudeau broke the law (at least twice), and he got caught covering it up. Do you really believe he won’t do it again?

12:19 PM - 14 Aug 2019 476 Retweets 1,477 Likes 136 replies476 retweets1,477 likes Reply  136   Retweet  476   Like  1.5K
FollowFollow @EdtheSock More

violates ethic by taking a helicopter ride with spiritual leader & philanthropist . participates in an event featuring uber-racist . I know who worries me more.

1:14 PM - 14 Aug 2019 452 Retweets 1,556 Likes 58 replies452 retweets1,556 likes Reply  58   Retweet  452   Like  1.6K

Agha Khan, Muslim, Faith Goldy, Christian, who do you think worries me more?

Shia Islam, that is IRAN puppet.

It is OK to be White and Christian.

Do White Christians say Death To America And Israel? No Muslims in Iran always do that.


KKK or Muslim Communist? Lesser of two evils or strength in numbers.

Have any White Christians been suicide bombers in Israel? NO that is the Palestinians job.


And from a site I don't know.

When this story originally broke, we argued he should resign for the good of the country and the good of his party. 

If the Prime Minister resigns it could still very well be possible for another Liberal MP such as Jody Wilson-Raybould to win the 2019 election. The 2015 Sunny Ways coalition may be bruised, but it is still the largest group of active voters within the country. With the right potentially split, and the NDP literally a hollow shell of itself, a Liberal party led by someone other than the PM could very well still win. But only if the Prime Minister does the right thing and resigns providing enough time for a new leader to salvage this government and fight in a free and fair election.

That was then. This is now.

At this point, resignation is no longer a choice for the Prime Minister, or even for the Liberal party. Every senior member, including the over 150 MPs who refused to genuinely hold the Liberal leadership to account by supporting Jody Wilson-Raybould, are now complicit in the actions of the Trudeau government. 

Like the Wynne government of Ontario, only total defeat in the coming election will put forward the precedent that Canadian institutions, especially those entrusted with maintaining the rule of law, cannot be tarnished in order to secure the private interests of the wealthy and powerful. No, a resignation will no longer be enough. Now it’s up to both the voters and the RCMP.

And I sent a romantic email to Kirsty Duncan. Yes I still want to love her and her feet.

Please say something nice to me girl. {#angelgirl.gif}



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