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Melissa Lantsman, Conservative And Jewish, But She Blocks Me On Facebook And Instagram Anyway,

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, September 17th 2021 at 8:20pm by wesleyonrot

Lesbian Nut Case

Lesbian Nut Case
Jesus I Just Wanted To Give You A Foot Massage.

User Comments

Hope She Loses {#apploud.gif}{#iagree.gif}

Hey Dumb Dumb You Are Lucky I Am In RICHmond Hill.

Why Do You Hate Me {#crying.gif} Because You Hate Guys With A Foot Fetish?

The Canadian Bette Porter {#saythat.gif}

If I Ever Get To Meet You And See Your Feet, I Will Do More Than Just Rub Them. {#fight.gif}

If You Were Not A Married Lesbian, If You Were Single And Straight Like Me, {#help.gif}Would I Fall In Love With You? 

Well If You Don't Respect Me {#no_flash.gif}

I Thought Only Shitberals And Socialists Hated My Guts. {#lam.gif}

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