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Kirsty Duncan Has Ordered Me To Leave Blogster Forever, Cease And Desist

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, November 14th 2019 at 2:56am by wesleyonrot

Why does she not believe in freedom of speech? This is an American website right?

I did not have her permission to put her photos on here or WikiFeet. She hates Blogster, she thinks it is worse than Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube. She will let me love her and her feet if I never come back here. I am very sorry Kirsty, and Bardish, Chrystia, Catherine, Melanie, Ana, Jaye, Kristyn, Bonnie, Dipika, Mitzie, Kathleen, Andrea, Jean, Mary, Iqra, Salma, Maryam, Kamal, Ruby, Sonia, Jennifer, Julie, Jody, Lisa, Rachael, Kinga, Ruth, Sara, Jessica, Marit, Jill, Martha, Belinda, Christy, Sandra.

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{#goodbye.gif} Hope soon I will be back on Twitter and Facebook where I really should be. But Kirsty I am sure won't let me use her mobile phone.

Vote for her if not Tulsi


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Our kids could care less about who their parents voted for in the 2016 election. They just don’t want to get shot and killed at school. They’re terrified. And we need to act.

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