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Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, July 2nd 2022 at 1:54am by wesleyonrot

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The Website Where You Can Say Anything

1 Responses Created by wesleyonrot on July 2, 2022

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User Comments

1304 Of The Best Posts In Internet History Here.

I Am A Romantic Entertainer In The Romantic Entertainment Business.

Tulsi Gabbard Said,

I May Disagree With What You Say, But I Will Always Defend Your Right To Say It.

Unlike Farrah Khan And Nikki Rabucka Who Believe You Should Be Removed Off The Internet And You Should Delete Whatever You Say To Them.

Never Try To Talk To A Socialist Lesbian Muslim.

If These Things Take Over Toronto City Hall October 24, You Thought Bill C 11 Was The End Of Freedom? I Will Be Castrated.


I Have Said She Will Run For Mayor If Layton And Matlow Don't.

Tory Will Lose To This?

Last Weekend, There Was Not Just The Pride Parade,

There Was The Dyke March.

Farrah Is Way To The Left Of Bette Porter And The L Word Lesbians.

Oh She Will Make Sure Blogster Is Shut Down. {#angry.gif}{#bag-on-head.gif}{#censored.gif}{#lam.gif}

I Should Run For Mayor, But My Little Future Portuguese Princess Ana Bailao Will Not Let Me, She Is Best Friend Of Tory. {#crying.gif}

She Was Supposed To Be Mayor But Tory Does Not Believe In Term Limits.

So This Might Run

Mike Layton at his campaign party with his father.

But This Probably Will

Councillor Josh Matlow Share  Print Toronto-St. Paul’s

Councillor Josh Matlow's portrait

Expand AllCouncillor Josh Matlow accordion panelsCollapse AllCouncillor Josh Matlow accordion panels

This SHOULD Be Mayor Instead

Councillor McKelvie.jpg

Or This

Jaye Robinson.jpg

Yeah Right Farrah Is A New Democrat Extremist

(Municipal politicians are elected on a non-partisan basis in Toronto)

She Might Have SEXY FEET But She HATES Foot Fetish People.

She Runs This CRAP

Consent Comes First @ConsentComes1st #ConsentComesFirst provides support for Toronto Metropolitan University students, staff and faculty affected by sexual violence. Toronto, Ontariolinktr.ee/consentcomesfi…Joined January 2017

Very Scary Woman

Hi, my name is Farrah Khan (she/her), a settler, queer mixed-raced South Asian woman. I am the Manager of Consent Comes First. I support campus community members affected by sexual violence and gender-based violence, facilitate groups, lead education, campaigns and training in collaboration with community partners and provide expert advice regarding policy and procedures. I am a gender justice advocate who has spent two decades raising awareness about the intersections of gender-based violence and equity through education, counselling, policy and art creation.  Learn more about me

Get in touch with Farrah:

Email: farrah.khan@ryerson.ca

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 553596

That Email Won't Work Remember The University Name Changed.

Ryerson University has changed its name. Find out more.

I Really Would Give You A Foot Massage Everyday And Night If You Would Just Respect Me. {#iagree.gif}

Fight For The Rights Of Every Woman Too

I'm real american (Hulk Hogan song) - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch PREVIEW 3:23 I'm real american. ... I'm real american (Hulk Hogan song). 224,465 views224K views. May 23, 2008. 398. Dislike. Share. Save. YouTube · KZkazz · May 23, 2008



Don't Worry Soon I Will Have No More Sperm I Am 40.


Remember This In 2025


Why Does Farrah Hate My Guts?

I Would Marry Her If She Was Single And Straight.

And If She Was Not Anti American And Anti Israel.


I Do Not Give Her My Consent To Destroy My City And Province And Country And Planet. {#apploud.gif}

She Is Still Very Angry Doug Won The Election.

Well Farrah All You Had To Do Was Tell Andrea And Bald Guy To Merge The Parties.

If You Do Run For Mayor, I Hope I Run And Beat Your Islamic Socialism To A Bloody Pulp.

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