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If You Were Canadian Or Are

Added: Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 2:18pm by wesleyonrot

This poll brought to you by Blogster Polls

Who Would You Vote For?

2 Responses Created by wesleyonrot on September 11, 2019

  • Trudeau Liberal
  • Scheer Conservative
  • Singh New Democrat/Socialist
  • Liz May Green
  • Max Bernier People's Party/Ultra Conservative

User Comments

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Not so long ago, all sides agreed we must not confuse short-term weather events and climate. But climate alarmists have moved the goalpost again. Now they are pointing to every hurricane, flood, drought, snow storm, heat wave or cold snap as proof the world is ending!

6:24 AM - 8 Sep 2019 690 Retweets 2,162 Likes 268 replies690 retweets2,162 likes Reply  268   Retweet  690   Like  2.2K


Image result for kirsty duncan renata ford Renata Ford running for Bernier's party ... cp24.com

Or her?

Image result for kirsty duncan The Honourable Kirsty Duncan | Prime ... pm.gc.ca

So Blogster I can't change my vote in 40 days? Maybe Kirsty can if I get to fall in love with her? {#angelgirl.gif}


Canada Votes 2019 Poll Tracker Maintained by CBC poll analyst Éric Grenier, the Poll Tracker aggregates all publicly available polling data. Latest polls and projections  Updated on Sep 10, 2019 at 11:49 am ET Poll averages   LIB 33.8% up+0.4 CON 33.8% Data unavailable0.0 NDP 12.9% down-0.4 GRN 10.7% up+0.1 BQ 4.4% down-0.1 PPC 3.3% up+0.2 OTH 1.2% Data unavailable0.0 Seat projections   minoritymajority LIB164 107223 CON141 102184 BQ15 028 NDP14 040 GRN4 18 PPC0 01 OTH0 01 Probability of winning   41% Probability of the Liberals winning a majority 24% Probability of the Liberals winning the most seats but not a majority 24% Probability of the Conservatives winning the most seats but not a majority 11% Probability of the Conservatives winning a majority

This is wrong and not right

 2h2 hours ago More Replying to 

Your NAZI Grandfather would be sooo proud of you Chrystia. He is smiling up from the deep recesses of Hell.


This {#iagree.gif}

 5h5 hours ago More Replying to 

You should replace Trudeau

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Because it's almost the new Roaring Twenties, 34 percent of you need to vote for someone else, you have 4 other options, the Shitberals need to be reduced to 2 seats like 1993, just keep Kirsty and Chrystia, in the future when they clean up the party they can be great Prime Ministers. {#apploud.gif}

Catherine, I would love you if you were on the Supreme Court or Governor General, maybe Kirsty/Chrystia can make it happen in a few years. But you have to lose I am very sorry I hate your Carb Tax not you. {#goodbye.gif}

Cat, I really do think you are very beautiful, I just think the Boy Wonder brainwashed you. If I ever meet you I would love to hold your hands and hug you and kiss you and rub your feet for you, if you were single I would marry you, if Kirsty does not want me.

Cathy, I am a Populist Conservative, not a Liberal, Yes I voted for Stockwell Day and Harper and Doug, 18 years of nothing but Muslims made me very right wing. If you really want me to become left wing like you, RESPECT MY SPERM! What was I supposed to say, brainwash me? Yeah I would make Barbie pregnant if I could. Yeah remember what comes out of the penis and goes in the vagina to make the baby.

Wonder why I am pro life for life?

In placental mammals, the umbilical cord (also called the navel string,[1] birth cord or funiculus umbilicalis) is a conduit between the developing embryo or fetus and the placenta. During prenatal development, the umbilical cord is physiologically and genetically part of the fetus and (in humans) normally contains two arteries(the umbilical arteries) and one vein (the umbilical vein), buried within Wharton's jelly. The umbilical vein supplies the fetus with oxygenatednutrient-rich blood from the placenta. Conversely, the fetal heart pumps low oxygen containing blood, nutrient-depleted blood through the umbilical arteries back to the placenta.

You are Catholic right? your left wing Pope hates abortion.

The Catholic Church opposes all forms of abortion procedures whose direct purpose is to destroy a zygote, blastocyst, embryo or fetus, since it holds that "human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.

Don't worry Catherine I would never tell a woman what to do with her body. But come on girl if you kill a baby you go to The Lake Of Fire after you die, do you really want to meet Satan The Serpent?

I am so sorry, but GOD wrote something to Moses called Thou Shalt Not Kill. OK now I sleep, good night Cat.

Wesley –

Eighteen years ago, our nation was attacked by al-Qaeda.

Thousands were killed, and today, we honor their memory. Those just getting to work that day. Children getting dropped off at daycare. The first responders who rushed into the crumbling towers. We will never forget the heroes who sacrificed their lives to save others. And we must always honor the memory of those lost on that terrible day.

After September 11, President Bush stood in the rubble of the Twin Towers and said we would never forget, we would seek out and destroy those responsible, his rallying cry:

"Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

He declared that we would be at war with these terrorists.

Moved by this rallying cry, like thousands of other patriots, I made the decision to use my life to defend the safety, security, and freedom of the American people, to put on the uniform of our country. I was determined to defeat and destroy the evil that visited us on September 11th.

But our leaders failed us. They used the attack on 9/11 to set in motion a series of disastrous regime change wars, toppling dictators, and engaged in nation-building overseas.

We should have focused our attention and the full power of our resources on defeating al-Qaeda. But we didn’t. Instead, we have spent our precious time, money, and lives overthrowing authoritarian governments and nation-building. We toppled Iraq strongman Saddam Hussein; Libya's Muammar Gaddafi; and are still trying to topple Syria’s Bashar al-Assad — yet none of these dictators had anything to do with the 9/11 attack or posed any threat to the United States.

These regime change wars have cost us dearly. Countless precious lives lost, families destroyed, trillions of dollars, unimaginable death, pain and suffering in the Middle East. They have created a refugee crisis, and strengthened al-Qaeda — all of which have undermined our national security.

Now, al-Qaeda and its offshoots and affiliates like ISIS, al-Shabab, HTS, and al-Nusra, are stronger and more dangerous than they were on 9/11. Their strength is not in spite of our best efforts and policies, but rather, because of the shortsighted regime change wars we have undertaken.

It’s time to stop this insanity.

Tens of thousands of my brothers and sisters who answered our nation’s call to service have lost their lives and limbs in these wars. As president, I will honor their memory and the thousands we lost on 9/11 by changing course.

As President, I will end our foolish counterproductive foreign policy of carrying out regime change wars and nation-building. I will work to end the new Cold War and arms race between the United States, Russia, and China — a Cold War which will inevitably result in nuclear annihilation. I will focus our country’s resources on keeping Americans safe and rebuilding our own nation right here at home.

Regime change wars are wars of choice.

The war against ISIS, al-Qaeda, and their affiliates is not a war of choice — it’s a war they started and will continue to wage against us. None of us want war. We all want peace. But, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to unilaterally end this war. Either we defeat them, including their ideology, or they will defeat us. But united, we can never be defeated. So, let us come together in the common spirit of love for our country and for each other, to defend our nation, our freedom, our future.

For the love of our country,
Tulsi Gabbard


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Kirsty Duncan Retweeted Carolyn Bennett

This is very concerning. Our Liberal government will always defend a woman's right to choose. York Centre and all Canadians deserve more informed representation.

Kirsty Duncan added,

2:08 Verified account Show this thread 7:16 PM - 12 Sep 2019 3 Retweets 13 Likes 1 reply3 retweets13 likes Reply  1   Retweet  3   Like  13

Kirsty I love you but if you love abortion so much my heart will crack and rip, at least be personally pro life, please?

 14h14 hours ago More

According to Andrew Scheer’s own stated rules, he won’t stop this handpicked anti-choice Conservative candidate from doing everything possible to take away a woman’s right to choose.

100 replies158 retweets319 likes Reply  100   Retweet  158   Like  319 Show this thread
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Mélanie Joly Retweeted Carolyn Bennett

Andrew Scheer continues to be vague and unclear about women's right to choose. He tells us one thing in French and the opposite in English. Today, he is campaigning with a "passionate" of the anti-choice movement. 🇨🇦 deserves to know the truth about the Conservatives' intentions.

Mélanie Joly added,

2:08 Verified account Show this thread 6:19 AM - 12 Sep 2019 6 Retweets 16 Likes 6 replies6 retweets16 likes Reply  6   Retweet  6   Like  16

Stop freaking out Melanie, Andrew is not going to win, he sucked at the debate tonight. Liz and Singh clobbered him.

Look girls, 70 percent of the country is left wing and loves abortion, have a referendum, you will win and abortion will be safe.

If you don't let girls be born they can't vote for you when they grow up. {#apploud.gif}So give them a chance to live.

Melanie if you don't let them be born they can't be future Prime Ministers like you. {#crying.gif}

Uh Oh Mel Mel you say ADD women change politics, if you don't let them be born they can't run for office.

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Green Leader Elizabeth May and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh spent their time attacking Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer because Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau skipped the debate.

  7:07 PM - 12 Sep 2019 10 Retweets 43 Likes 27 replies10 retweets43 likes Reply  27   Retweet  10   Like  43


FollowFollow @MaximeBernier More

1/ One of the reasons the exists is that over a year ago, I denounced Trudeau’s cult of diversity: the divisive practice of categorizing everyone according to their ethnicity, skin colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

7:29 AM - 12 Sep 2019 427 Retweets 1,075 Likes 72 replies427 retweets1,075 likes Reply  72   Retweet  427   Like  1.1K New conversation  13h13 hours ago More

2/ This provoked hysterical reactions. But instead of agreeing with my conservative position and defending me, and several Conservative MPs disavowed me. They were afraid. That’s when I finally decided to leave this intellectually and morally corrupt party.

14 replies203 retweets600 likes Reply  14   Retweet  203   Like  600

Oh there was something else on?

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The was three hours long and not one question about abortion or reproductive rights.

7:49 PM - 12 Sep 2019 1,736 Retweets 7,589 Likes 574 replies1,736 retweets7,589 likes Reply  574   Retweet  1.7K   Like  7.6K
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Each time I ran for office, people would say: it's not your time, it's not your turn, it's going to be too difficult, they're not ready for you. But I didn't listen.

7:38 PM - 12 Sep 2019 747 Retweets 4,328 Likes 390 replies747 retweets4,328 likes

And now please just debate Tulsi.


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And now, , you can go back to watching Fox News.

/> 1:09 108K views 5:23 PM - 12 Sep 2019 1,882 Retweets 8,606 Likes 795 replies1,882 retweets8,606 likes Reply  795   Retweet  1.9K   Like  8.6K

No the best movies come from


Oh wait the best movies of all time come from


As for the best TV shows, they come from


And the best cartoons don't come from Disney, they come from



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