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AmalaTsering MaxLiberty

If I Made This Thing Pregnant Would She Have An Abortion?

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 4:19am by wesleyonrot

I Guess She Would

I Guess She Would

User Comments

I don't want a Socialist baby. So I would just play with her feet.

I don't hate her, I hate the fact that she is the most left wing person in the world.

Endorse Tulsi and Kamala please, not Bernie. {#apploud.gif}

Well at least Alabama allows cousin marriage.

Laws regarding first-cousin marriage in the United States   First-cousin marriage is legal   Allowed with requirements or exceptions   Banned with exceptions1   Statute bans first-cousin marriage1   Criminal offense1 1Some states recognize marriages performed elsewhere, while other states do not.clarification needed

Dear Debbie Wasserman, if you are my cousin, and your daughters are my cousins, I would love Florida so much. {#saythat.gif}

I don't want Nicole 50 followers on her Instagram Rubacha, I have over 2000 followers.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez if you would just try to be a little more Conservative I would love you so much. {#angelgirl.gif}

After I sleep, the end of the Craptors part 1 of 4, Good luck Bucks.

If they can't do it, Golden State will be waiting.

Just because I live near Toronto doesn't mean I have to be a fan of dinosaurs.



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Now back to the angry black woman who may win in 2022.

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A lot of changing in Ontario and it's hard to keep up. Every day I will expand the list by posting about a cut that has happened under the Ford government. This way, everyone will have an easy list to reference.

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Bardisha barefoot finally?

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