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If I Have To Marry Ana Or Kirsty

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, November 1st 2019 at 6:04am by wesleyonrot

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Well I Can't Marry Both So Which Toronto Liberal?

1 Responses Created by wesleyonrot on November 1, 2019

  • Ana Bailao
  • Kirsty Duncan

User Comments

Well the whole world knows who I want.


Me Please

Image result for kirsty duncan

Who is Kirsty Duncan dating? Kirsty ... whosdatedwho.com

YES GOD I want to date her feet. {#saythat.gif}

But if she does not want me, I get stuck with the other.

Well she is going to be very powerful in 3 years when he leaves.

Image result for ana bailao deputy mayor of Toronto ... toronto.ctvnews.ca


But she is not my type.

And she needs to say bye to the stupid glasses.

FUCK NO as long as he is her best friend.

Image result for bardish chagger Bardish Chagger added a new photo ... facebook.com


She doesn't know what the word BAREFOOT means, she always has shoes or boots on with stupid pantyhose and socks.

Bardisha I know we have the same April 6 birthday, you 2 years older than me, but that is the only thing we have in common.

No I want the more Conservative Kinga Surma, but is she single? {#help.gif}

So beautiful and cute

Image result for kinga surma Opinion | MPP watched in ... toronto.com


But if she does not want me, well only 1 other woman I really want.

Image result for melanie joly melanie joly pub Web grande ... journaldesvoisins.com


But I can't speak French, how would I live in Quebec?

But if she is not single or does not want me, Damn it.

Please GOD if she beats the cancer let me love her sometime in my lifetime.

Image result for jaye robinson

Jaye Robinson undergoing treatment ... toronto.citynews.ca

Once again it is me the Bernier voter trying to fall in love with the Boy Wonder voters, oh wait Kinga voted for Andrew {#apploud.gif}

OH HELL NO I am NOT loving Sharia Law Muslim.

Image result for iqra khalid Liberal MP Iqra Khalid reads threats ... ctvnews.ca


Unless the government forces me to marry her because she would love foot rubs and pedicures and being barefoot, but she would still make me become a Muslim. GOD FOR FUCKING BID!

She would not want a Jewish Christian like me. would she? 

And she gets tons of death threats, guess what I would get?

{#no_flash.gif} There has got to be someone better than her.

Kirsty I am sorry I know she is one of your best friends, but she scares me. {#lam.gif}

Well there are more scary women south of the border.

Image result for aoc squad AOC squad are not Nancy ... washingtonexaminer.com


The 4 Nut Cases

These 4 are way better

Image result for the 4 horsewomen Four Horsewomen | Wrestling JAT Wiki ... wrestling-jat.fandom.com


Marry me here Kirsty


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Somewhere I Belong (Official Video) - Linkin Park Linkin Park 161M views12 years ago Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong" off of the album METEORA. Directed by Joe Hahn. http://www.linkinpark.com ...

His music {#apploud.gif}


The Mark Levin Show Theme Song usaraw • 18K views6 years ago The theme song to Mark Levin's popular radio program. The name of the song is "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park. As with ...

Soon I will be older, so Kirsty please marry me


Tears For Fears - Advice For The Young At Heart TearsForFearsVEVO 1.7M views10 years ago Music video by Tears For Fears performing Advice For The Young At Heart. (C) 1989 Mercury Records Limited.



Lost Without You - Delta Goodrem carinacary • 3.1M views13 years ago Lost Without You - Delta Goodrem.

First date Kirsty we watch the best movie of all time.


Loving Annabelle - Small Trailer Original Ending Theme Evileef18 • 112K views12 years ago A small trailer of the movie Loving annabelle.

I am like Annabelle and you are like Simone, but I do not smoke. {#angelgirl.gif}

Bring this show back or give her a show.


Anahita Sedaghatfar On CNN/HLN's "Dr. Drew On Call" Anahita Sedaghatfar • 193 views5 years ago Attorney Anahita Sedaghatfar On CNN/HLN's "Dr. Drew On Call"

I should marry that Persian Jew if I want to live in California {#basic-cool.gif}

BBC has done this every hour for 20 years


BBC News 24 Countdown 2003 (70 seconds) 유동균 • 82K views3 years ago This is a countdown sequence from BBC News 24. Used December 2003 until 2005. Copyright: BBC.

And you want to make America Communist Again?


FollowFollow @BernieSanders More

One year from today, we're going to defeat Donald Trump.

5:54 AM - 3 Nov 2019 23,267 Retweets 194,290 Likes 6,848 replies23,267 retweets194,290 likes Reply  6.8K   Retweet  23K   Like  194K

You would not be hated so much if you would stop being a Nut Case


FollowFollow @IlhanMN More

Ilhan Omar Retweeted Chad Loder ➐

Yo this is unacceptable!

Ilhan Omar added,

    Chad Loder ➐ @chadloder Let’s check in on death threats against Rep. @IlhanMN on Twitter. Maybe Twitter has improved its policing of death threats since ABCNews and WaPo covered this 6 months ago?… Show this thread 1:40 PM - 3 Nov 2019 17,998 Retweets 80,863 Likes 3,383 replies17,998 retweets80,863 likes Reply  3.4K   Retweet  18K   Like  81K

If I had to marry her I might as well commit suicide. {#duel.gif}

NO, God is Conservative.


FollowFollow @adamkelsey More

Overheard in the crowd at today’s first event, a town hall at a church in Waterloo, IA: “Jesus was definitely a socialist.” “Yeah, it’s, like, not even close.”

10:36 AM - 3 Nov 2019 from Waterloo, IA 1,055 Retweets 8,679 Likes 547 replies1,055 retweets8,679 likes Reply  547   Retweet  1.1K   Like  8.7K

Actually 2 billion Muslims and 2 billion Communists are a bigger threat

FollowFollow @Ilhan More

Rep. Ilhan Omar Retweeted NPR

California is on fire as we speak. Flooding around the world is displacing thousands. This is radical, terrifying decision that will echo across generations as a day we failed to confront the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

Rep. Ilhan Omar added,

NPRVerified account @NPR The U.S. is now the only country to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. https://n.pr/2NEfRTV  2:03 PM - 4 Nov 2019 600 Retweets 2,695 Likes 287 replies600 retweets2,695 likes Reply  287   Retweet  600   Like  2.7K

If I made her pregnant, she might as well have an abortion because I will not raise a Muslim baby. 

You are BOTH Nuts and a Nut Case


FollowFollow @AOC More

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Retweeted Bernie Sanders

Progressive policies as an Ariana dance party: 👋🏽 thank u, next: Replace for-profit health insurance w/ 👩🏾 God is a Woman: Strike the Hyde Amendment 👨🏽‍🎓 Break Free: Student loan debt forgiveness 🌎 Be Alright: Pass a Green New Deal! 💃🏽🎶

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added,

Bernie SandersVerified account @BernieSanders Ready to fight for Medicare for All. https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/1187779679542841345 … 2:02 PM - 25 Oct 2019 16,201 Retweets 106,984 Likes 3,350 replies16,201 retweets106,984 likes Reply  3.4K   Retweet  16K   Like  107K

Don't let her become President October 13, 2024.

If I ever have to marry her, {#help.gif}

Well Thank GOD I don't have to marry that other Muslim.

FollowFollow @KirstyDuncanMP More

Congratulations to the wonderful and on their engagement! I wish you both lots of love and happiness together - now and always. All the best, my friends!

7:23 PM - 7 Nov 2019 4 Retweets 44 Likes 0 replies4 retweets44 likes Reply     Retweet  4   Like  44

I don't think she is wonderful.

I thought she was single like I thought Kamal Khera was.

FollowFollow @KamalKheraLib More

Kamal Khera Retweeted Brampton Guardian

My heart is broken after learning the tragic news of these two young boys. Our whole community is shocked and is grieving the loss of innocent lives that still had so much life left to live.

Kamal Khera added,

Brampton Guardian @BmptGuardian ‘Nice, happy kids’: Shocked neighbours saddened and scared after the deaths of two young #Brampton boys http://torstar.co/kRoq50x4NTY  8:07 AM - 7 Nov 2019 from Ottawa, Ontario 2 Retweets 21 Likes 1 reply2 retweets21 likes Reply  1   Retweet  2   Like  21

Can you still be my nurse?


FollowFollow @SoniaLiberal More

Sonia Sidhu Retweeted Brampton Guardian

What an absolute tragedy. These innocent little angels did not deserve to leave us that soon. My sincere condolences to the family, friends, and the community grieving with them 🕯️

Sonia Sidhu added,

Brampton Guardian @BmptGuardian ‘Nice, happy kids’: Shocked neighbours saddened and scared after the deaths of two young #Brampton boys http://torstar.co/kRoq50x4NTY  8:21 AM - 7 Nov 2019 1 Retweet 6 Likes 0 replies1 retweet6 likes Reply     Retweet  1   Like  6

Now Kirsty can I have love and happiness with you?


FollowFollow @cathmckenna More


4:37 AM - 7 Nov 2019 40 Retweets 604 Likes 93 replies40 retweets604 likes Reply  93   Retweet  40   Like  604

Barbie can you please bring summer back? {#pondering.gif}

Kirsty you can have mine, I want to always worship your feet.

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