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I Am Not Scared Of The Fear Mongering Panic Attack Media

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, February 13th 2020 at 2:50pm by wesleyonrot

The virus only kills Chinese people like the Iran plane crash only killed Persians like the Donald trial was a waste of time like Australia got all the rain back after the fires.

User Comments

Tomorrow this will be something

Otis looks to capture Mandy Rose’s heart on Valentine’s Day SmackDown

WWE.com 1 day ago

Hey what is she doing tomorrow?

I would love to bite her toenails and spit them in her vagina, hey she blocked me for over 11 years for no reason. Why would I want to make love to a Socialist Lesbian Muslim? StorytellinWHO? What a Nikki Rabucka.

You were my cousin before 11 years ago Nicole Rubacha. Why did you stop being my cousin? Why have you not seen me since then? Why are you so scared of me?

Please come here to Blogster and try to say something to me. 

Respect mentally ill disabled family members, don't avoid me for over a decade.

If you have a beautiful naked body, I would marry you and have sex with you. Would I make you pregnant? Try to cure my Asperger Syndrome and my Foot Fetish.

Remember the rest of your family saw me on Christmas Eve.

I wanted to give all of them foot rubs, but they had socks on. {#crying.gif}

So Nikki if you have never had a foot massage in your life, come to me tomorrow for your first. {#angelgirl.gif}

If not, I guess I know who I will fall in love with at last.


I am making LOVE to her feet and toes, and her, sometime in my lifetime. {#apploud.gif}

Otherwise I get stuck with Bardisha. I have more than 4 questions to ask her.


Or Ana the Portuguese Chick, if she gets rid of those glasses once and for all.

But I really want these babes

{#floating.gif} you Kinga and Caroline and Jaye.

I hope tomorrow is a very happy day for me and at least 1 of these women. Oh they should all have a happy day.{#iagree.gif}

Forever means after death in heaven.{#angelgirl.gif}

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