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For Once In Her Life The Nut Case Is Not Nuts

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, December 1st 2019 at 9:54pm by wesleyonrot

Reminder: 136 days ago, the House voted to raise the minimum wage to $15. That bill would’ve increased pay for up to 27 million working people. The Senate GOP has yet to bring it to a vote. The Republican Party keeps going out of its way to keep Americans in poverty.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Retweeted Alex Thompson

This is a GOP talking point used to dismantle public systems, & it’s sad to see a Dem candidate adopt it. Let’s talk about why Republicans are wrong on this. Just like rich kids can attend public school, they should be able to attend tuition-free public college. Here’s why.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added,

0:30 Alex ThompsonVerified account @AlxThomp New Pete ad in Iowa taking aim at Warren and Bernie over college affordability/debt (but not by name), arguing they’d alienate half the country by insisting it be “free even for the kids of millionaires”. H/t … Show this thread 7:53 PM - 28 Nov 2019 18,985 Retweets 75,005 Likes 3,851 replies18,985 retweets75,005 likes Reply  3.9K   Retweet  19K   Like  75K New conversation  Nov 28 More

1. Universal public systems are designed to benefit EVERYBODY! Everyone contributes & everyone enjoys. We don’t ban the rich from public schools, firefighters, or libraries bc they are public goods. 2. Universal systems that benefit everyone are stronger bc everyone’s invested!

741 replies4,242 retweets29,472 likes Reply  741   Retweet  4.2K   Like  29K  Nov 28 More

3. When you start carving people out & adding asterisks to who can benefit from goods that should be available to all, cracks in the system develop. 4. Many children of the elite want to go to private, Ivyesque schools anyway, which aren’t covered by tuition-free public college!

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5. Lastly, and I can’t believe we have to remind people of this, but it’s GOOD to have classrooms (from pre-k through college!) to be socioeconomically integrated. Having students from different incomes & backgrounds in the same classroom is good for society & economic mobility.

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Rashida Tlaib Retweeted nayyirah shariff

Oh sis, young people aren't voting for him. They want someone who is courageous enough to stand for universal health care and restoration of our climate.

Rashida Tlaib added,

nayyirah shariff @nayyirahshariff So @JoeBiden wants no young people ever to vote for him..🤦🏾‍♀️#WTFIsMalarkey https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1200882191875465216 … 11:43 AM - 1 Dec 2019 196 Retweets 1,432 Likes 136 replies196 retweets1,432 likes Reply  136   Retweet  196   Like  1.4K
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This country's criminal INjustice system is racist, xenophobic, rogue & fundamentally flawed beyond reform. Today, we are calling for a radical transformation rooted in decarceration: The People's ➡️

4:32 AM - 14 Nov 2019 840 Retweets 2,846 Likes 347 replies840 retweets2,846 likes Reply  347   Retweet  840   Like  2.8K

Will you treat me with dignity and respect? {#angelgirl.gif}

But I am not in America, I am still in the country to the north. {#bag-on-head.gif}

{#wow_bounce.gif}The 4 of you explained to me why I should be a Socialist like you.

As long as I do not have to be a Muslim, I would marry all of you as long as you love foot rubs and pedicures and being barefoot.

If any of you ever become President, please don't make America more left wing than Canada. {#apploud.gif}

I have had 37 years in a Socialist country. They call themselves Liberals. But they are not.

You 4 want to try to be more left wing than these 2?

Image result for trudeau singh

Andrew/Bernier fucked up and now look what we are stuck with. {#censored.gif}

Look who I am really going to be stuck with after Andrew goes bye bye.

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I would like to sincerely apologize for a comment I made on CBC’s the House. Pride parades represent a wonderful celebration of the LGBTQ community and are an important symbol in the fight for LGBTQ rights.

10:11 AM - 30 Nov 2019 63 Retweets 249 Likes 645 replies63 retweets249 likes Reply  645   Retweet  63   Like  249 New conversation  Nov 30 More

I have always stood unequivocally in support of LGBTQ rights and will continue to do so in my role as Deputy Leader and as a parliamentarian. I did not intend to make erroneous and hurtful comparisons - I apologize unreservedly.

75 replies14 retweets59 likes Reply  75   Retweet  14   Like  59  Nov 30 More

I am committed to being a strong progressive voice focussed on breaking down barriers to equal opportunity and ensuring that people from all communities can find a home in the Conservative Party like I did.

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Now is the time to stay focussed on holding this ruinous Liberal Government to account. We can’t afford to let Justin Trudeau continue to tear our country apart, undermine our economy and destroy our international relationships.

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You found a home in the party turncoat Leona? {#congrats.gif}

When your daughter is old enough I would marry her so you can be my mother in law

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, indoor

{#saythat.gif} Only here on Blogster, never on Twitter or Zuckerberg.

Well if that girl does not want me or is not single I have a backup plan.


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I am strengthened and motivated by my beautiful daughters Natalka & Halyna. Their hope and optimism inspires me!

10:17 AM - 31 Oct 2016 6 Retweets 83 Likes 5 replies6 retweets83 likes Reply  5   Retweet  6   Like  83

{#iagree.gif} When they are old enough and if they are single Mrs Plutocrat.

Can you please change their names to Ruby and Belinda? I do not speak Ukraine language.

Oh never mind

Image result for belinda stronach bill clinton Bill Clinton and Belinda Stronach ... whosdatedwho.com


Now back to the girl, and feet, of my dreams.

Image result for kirsty duncan feet Misty Duncan's Feet << wikiFeet wikifeet.com


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