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Bonnie Crombie I Want To Marry Your Sexy Feet And You

Added: Saturday, May 28th 2022 at 4:34pm by wesleyonrot

I Want To Love Your Toes

I Want To Love Your Toes
I Love Older Women

User Comments

Yeah Bonnie I want to worship your super sexy feet forever.

Yes I really would suck your toes and kiss your soles every sunrise and sunset.

I am sure your feet smell great, I would wash them for you anytime they are sweaty.

Yep I really do have a Foot Fetish. And stupid Asperger Syndrome. And maybe Type 2 Diabetes.

I love your toenails I would polish them for you every month.

Are your feet ticklish? Oh my gosh I would tickle your toes so much.

I think your feet and you will always be very beautiful.

I would love to marry a sweet and smart older woman.

You can help me become a Liberal after many Conservative years.

Can I hold your soft hands and never let go?

Get me out of RICHmond Hill babe.

Would I like the MISS SAUGA?

We should live in a condo if we do fall in love.

And you should be Premier or Prime Minister.

Bon Bon I have had a super huge crush on you for many years.

Wikipedia says you are DIVORCED, YAY!

You are the sexiest 62 year old in the world.

And you can make me Catholic, unless you want me to still be Jewish.

I love a lady who loves to be BAREFOOT.

I would take off your shoes for you every night after a long day.

We could have sex every weekend.

I would massage your whole body and kiss you everywhere.

I am 40 but look much younger.

I love you so much Bonnie.

Try to love me too.

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