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Ana Bailao Do You Want Me To Run For City Council?

Added: Saturday, June 25th 2022 at 10:10pm by wesleyonrot

If Layton or Matlow run for Mayor.

Guess I have to marry you before August 19.

To run for mayor or city councillor, on the day the nomination paper is filed, a person must be:

  1. A Canadian citizen
  2. At least 18 years of age
  3. A resident of the City of Toronto, or
  4. An owner or tenant of land in the City of Toronto, or the spouse of the owner or tenant
  5. Not legally prohibited from voting
  6. Not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office
Guess I will be the spouse. Guess you are the owner.

Well I would be a new resident.

The first word in Richmond Hill is RICH.

But I know to get rich I have to leave the little north little nicer town.

Get a condo anywhere in the city I don’t know if I would like your house.

Who would help me get 25 declarations?

And who would help me with the financial statement? 

Oh GOD Ana I really want to get far away from Toronto.

But after what America just did, I guess I am stuck here.

So I would have to be left wing to get elected?

Well on most municipal issues I am left wing.

St Paul’s and Rosedale are very left wing like your Davenport.

Matlow the Liberal, Layton the NDP. Both could beat Tory.

But Rosedale, Chrystia Plutocrat Free My Land.

That would be the biggest endorsement I could get.

Carolyn and Jill in St Paul’s would NEVER endorse me.

Ana I guess I have to be just like you.

"centre-left, maybe centre”

If Mat and Lay don’t run for Mayor, oh GOD NO Farrah Khan?

Kristyn Would NEVER EVER endorse me in Regent Park.

Well Ana I really do want to fall in love with you anyway.

Sorry I don’t go to Pride stuff.

But I still have the Bette Porter seasons.

User Comments

I would do ANYTHING for your feet.


Can You Please Tell This Nikki Rabucka To Go Suck A Lemon?

Farrah Khan @farrahsafiakhan Straight men don’t March in the Pride parade and hit on femmes. We are not here for you. #Pride 3:10 PM · Jun 26, 2022·Twitter for iPhone 1 Retweet 48 Likes

What A Socialist Lesbian Muslim Skunkhead, Just Like My Former Cousin Nicole Rubacha. What Is She Doing Today With Dawn Langstroth?

Yes That Is The Daughter Of Anne Murray With The Thing Who Has Blocked Me Since Christmas 2008

@storytellinyou 4 years ago Look who #popped by for some @starbucks time, my #pal @dawnlangstroth! #starbuckscanada #strawberryrefresher #storytellinyou #storytelling

Before 2009 I Used To Eat Christmas Dinner With This At Her House?

I Really Would Love To Make Love To Her Feet

@storytellinyou 3 years ago #Soaking my feet in a #ylangylang & #vanilla #espomsalt mixture #feetfriday #storytelling #storytellinyou

Spring Break Fort Lauderdale 1985 - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch
PREVIEW 4:10 Spring Break Fort Lauderdale 1985song: Giuffria - Do me right. YouTube · branko1408 · Oct 3, 2014

Update, Matlow And Layton Are Not Running For Mayor, Layton Not Running For Council Again, But Other People Are Running In Rosedale.

So Me And Farrah Khan Might Go To War In Danforth If The Old Communist Paula Fletcher Does Not Run Again.

Yeah She Used To Be A Communist In Manitoba

Paula Fletcher - 2014 (cropped).JPG

But Farrah Is Way To The Left Of Her.

One Big Problem, This So Called Jewish Woman Hates My Guts.

Julie Dabrusin - 2018 CFC Annual Gala & Auction (39592363104) (cropped).jpg

Julie Dabrusin
@juliedabrusin Replying to @Faiza_AminTV Not a reporter. But yes. I know who you are talking about and yuck. 12:05 PM · Jan 22, 2021·Twitter for iPhone 1 Retweet 2 Likes

Instagram A Long Time Ago

Faiza Amin @Faiza_AminTV Reporter bingo card POV- the guy who keeps messaging you about his foot fetish, your feet, and other women’s feet. Please rise. 10:47 AM · Jan 22, 2021·Twitter for iPhone 2 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 31 Likes

The Real Big Problem, it has long been one of the more left-leaning ridings in Toronto.[5]

Old Paula Is Running Again. So Me And Farrah Will Likely Do Battle For Mayor.

Yeah Tory Might Get Disqualified 

Toronto Star Integrity commissioner to probe Mayor John Tory’s ties to Rogers Toronto's integrity commissioner has agreed to investigate whether Mayor John Tory's ties to Rogers put him in a conflict of interest last... . 14 hours ago CP24 Integrity commissioner says there are 'sufficient grounds' to investigate whether Tory violated conflict of interest laws Toronto's integrity commissioner says that there are “sufficient grounds” to launch an investigation into whether Mayor John Tory's ties to... . 14 hours ago CBC Integrity commissioner investigates after complaint over Toronto mayor's ties to Rogers Toronto Mayor John Tory is being investigated after a complaint was filed with the city's integrity commissioner alleging that Tory had a... . 15 hours ago Global News Toronto’s integrity commissioner to investigate Mayor John Tory over ties to Rogers Toronto's integrity commissioner said an investigation is underway into whether Mayor John Tory's ties to Rogers put him in a conflict of... . 13 hours ago The Globe and Mail Toronto mayor John Tory under investigation by city's integrity commissioner over ties to Rogers Toronto's Integrity Commissioner is investigating Mayor John Tory over an alleged conflict of interest relating to his long-standing ties to... . 15 hours ago National Post Chris Selley: A welcome wake-up call for John Tory — and for Toronto politics in general Toronto could do a lot worse for a mayor than John Tory, who is running for a third term on Oct. 24 having previously vowed to quit after... . 7 hours ago Toronto Sun Mayor Tory being investigated by integrity commission Mayor John Tory is being investigated by the city's integrity commission over his ties to Rogers Communications and a council vote on an... . 15 hours ago blogTO This is why people in Toronto are hating on John Tory pretty hard right now With the provincial election now over and no recent announcements from the Ontario government about new highways, lockdowns or the like,... . 2 days ago CBC Complaint takes aim at Tory's ties to Rogers, alleging conflict of interest during ActiveTO debate A complaint filed with the Toronto's integrity commissioner alleges Mayor John Tory had a conflict of interest when he voted to scale back... . 2 days ago



 managed the 1993 federal election campaign of Mulroney's successor, Kim Campbell. In his role as the Progressive Conservative campaign co-manager that year, he authorized two infamous campaign ads that ridiculed Liberal candidate Jean Chretien's face, which is partially paralyzed due to a childhood disease. The ads were greeted with much outcry among the Canadian public. They were withdrawn ten days after their first airings, and the Progressive Conservatives would proceed to be decimated in the federal election.[11]

She Would Have The NDP Voters, I Would Have Everyone Else.

So Like 1997, I Would Win North York And Etobicoke And Scarborough Like Mel Lastman, Farrah Would Win Old Toronto And East York Like Barbara Hall.


So Good Luck October 24 If We Fight.


Michael Buffer - Let's Get Ready To Rumble 224K views5 years ago Luca Shaq Michael Buffer Let's Get Ready To Rumble - 1997 Best Intro, ever! #unodinoi i love this man!!! CIVIL WAR.

It Is Like This

Sting/Hogan Press Conference for Starrcade 97 (HQ) - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch PREVIEW 1:12 Contract signing for the Hogan vs. Sting match at the 1997 Starrcade PPV. From WCW Monday Nitro 11/3/97. YouTube · ScottHall222 · Jul 12, 2009

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