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What kind of People?

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, June 28th 2020 at 4:46pm by wendidawn
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What kind of People?

Would rather see the future of their kids and grandkids civil rights and liberties be taken from them?

What kind of people would fight to get killers off of death row, but is alright with the murdering of innocent fetus, who didnt ask to be born?

What kind of people wants to take the name of GOD out of everything, when there was a solution that I think both sides could of agreed on when it came to saying the "Lords Prayer" in school?)

What kind of people are against and show no respect for the very ones(military) that gives them their rights for freedom of speech?

What kind of people want this country flooded with illegals, to take jobs, overcrowd the schools, overwhelm the welfare, etc? Remember, we already have more than enough people in this Country?

What kind of people want Santionary Cities? Trump wasnt racist when he took sides with the American people concerning illegals, with diseases, criminals, etc. staying out of this city.?

What kind of people force gay rights, or abortions down peoples throats who are religious and doesnt believe in this. 

What kind of people allow looters, arsons, criminals, murderers to run wild in the streets and stand back like Nero and watch their city burn? If that isnt a new kind of coward. Then ask the innocent taxpayers to pay for the damages? That takes on a whole new rip off of taxpayers.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. 

If you want to add more, feel free-

I think some people are just sick, sick, sick.



User Comments

...useful idiots

I know there is more than can be added, but wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas'

What kind of person hates our Founding Fathers?

 Good one.

Communist .. Progresives... 

 I fear it is going to get worse. Soros, should be on trial .

He should be... but he's untouchable evidently. I wondered who in their right mind would vote for Obama with his ties to radicals and Bill Ayers, but he won.. our education system has failed us and our government is just as corrupt as other countries. We saw that with the FBI and CIA Russian hoax and Muller's corrupt investigation. Trump has had a heck of a time thanks to the swamp. 

 Trump is one amazing man. Wonder why, they couldnt arrest those who brought all of this to his doorstep. It seems as if they were obstructing him from doing his job. Much like the cops can arrest for obstructing them.

I would say Sis. Wendi, if things keep the way they are going we are getting closer and  closer to the end of time. Bro. Doc

I think so too, BrotherDocs. I dont think the rioting and protesting was this bad during the Nam days, was it?

Go back Sis. Wendi, look at video of Watts, and other places, and what the Hippies did during this time. It looks just like today. Bro. Doc

 I thought so. It didnt seem to me to be long and drawn out.

 I remember the demonstrations of DC. 

So when you look at the L.A. riots and D.C. riots of the 60's they were just as bad as now. If you pulled up the vid. and replayed them and said no more. People might think they were today. Only the clothing, hair and dates would give it away. Bro. Doc

 I will have to do this.

This will let you know I am afraid Sis. Wendi, that we have not learned from the past mistakes at all. Bro. Doc

 No we sure havent.

As long as we have racism, and hate and tearing down history, we are going to have problems. Bro. Doc

But you know BrotherDocs, I for one, dont think there is as much white racism as people portray. With all these BLM members, I think there may be some racism going on there too.

Sis Wendi, look in the last 3 months all the White Police that have killed about 15 Blacks in different areas. Now racism goes on in many ways. The Blacks are told they can eat here still in places. They are told they can't come into a building they live in. They drive in an area they the White's think they should not be in the Police are called. The list goes on. It is not just blacks, it is Mexicans, Indians and people that are not white that people are racist against. We live in the year 2020 and we should love all color race, etc. Why do you think Sis. Wendi, all this goes on. It is not the BLM that started the movement. It was here long before them. When White's have more privilages then other races, and get jobs, places too live over others because of their race, then shame on the one's that can't see past the skin color. We should have places to live because we can afford them, jobs because we are the ones that can do it. Not our skin color. We need to treat people the way we want to be treated Sis. Wendi. Bro. Doc

The past is the past though BrotherDocs. At one time this did go on and blacks among other races were considered second class people. BUT now almost every white family has a black member, they go to the school of their choice and THEY even have an All black college and beauty pagent. Blacks have come along way. I think the only thing that stands in the blacks way is themselves and their own negativity.

I really feel sorry for the American Indian as we all our planted on what once was THEIR land and these people ask for NOTHING.

Sis. Wendi, it depends on where you live, and no matter if you have black members of a white fmaily, lots of them are still treated like second class citizens. Racism is NOT over, and prejudice is NOT over. I have been places where Blacks are treated bad, the American Indian also.  It is not the past about any of this Sis. Wendi. The Past is still very much the now. Bro. Doc

 Do you find it racist that the blacks have  their own Black Miss America contest? Or their own Black tv station, BET? Or their own all Black colleges? They are not discriminated against, this movement is political . It is  a temper tantrum holding stupid white people (mostly liberals) hostage. If they really wanted to get a message out, they should of went before Congress or their own Town Hall Meetings. Sorry, any empathy, that I once might of held for them has all gone down the drain, especially when I see videos of them beating and killing innocent white people. Having white people kiss their feet and apologize for being white. God made us what he wanted us to be. I will not take a knee and I will not apologize for being white. 

No Sis Wendi, it no different than when the Miss America Pagant use to be only whites. If they want a Black Miss America contest that is fine or a Black Network. Use to be only Whites had TV shows. Whites are not being held hostage my friend. We whites are the ones that started the whole mess in the first place. Now, Sis. Wendi, White people kill innocent Blacks like George Floyd to name one. The police did that and they think they had the power to do it because they wore blue and had a gun and a badge. It is really time to stand up and be counted for, but not with rioting and looting. That is not the answer. Changing laws is the answer. Bro. Doc

Follow the money... and the power.

Soro's has them all in his back pocket, including the Clintons, Obamas, Biden and the list goes on.

Follow the money... and it all goes back to one of Soros's hundreds of organizations blanketed under his Open Society Foundation. 

 What a mess, this has turned out to be. I feel as if we all our being held hostage to a bunch of criminals.

 We have seen how they get away with it as most of these politians let them. The bikers are supposed to be going to help. But you know with all the military already on the governments payroll, they should of been put out there.


Partial answer; Lawyers motivated by greed and lust for power. Aka politicians. (Ever notice how many of those in high office or position have law degrees? Very nearly all of them.)

The people are a product of the fallen society in which they live

Lawyers who couldn't make it in the real world... enter the gravy-train world of politics. 

 I have noticed this. This would explain as they know what the ins and outs are.

You know Iderlander, it is so odd, they whine about living in the ghettos, but yet they are creating more ghettos. Stupid people.

 Such as the Obamas... 

It's the kind of people who hate themselves.

 This makes perfect sense. So filled with hatred without a conscience

FACT: SPIRITUALLY:  Unconsciously, Every person works either for God or for Satan... That is, maybe 20/80 or 80/20, maybe 50/50. etc...

Some percentage for God, the rest of their time & energy for Satan...

Just the facts, ma'am.

 They sure cant work and be out creating mischief all night long, this is for sure.

The very same kind of people, who are trying to get their communist Biden in as President.  I don't think so!

 Look, what these youngsters have to live through??? They are the real victims elllie.

Yes, they are.  @What's being done today, they will have to suffer through now, and for all time, because when they become adults, they will be teaching their children whtat they have learned today.


These kids have grown up with school, church, mall,etc. shootings. They have lived their all this pedophilia going on. Many kids dont know who their daddys, are. Many kids have been conditioned to think it is ok, that drugs are normal. Kids are bullied by other kids,Now this BLM and heaven help the innocent little white kids when they see grown  up white adults on their knees. I feel so sorry for these kids.

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