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The world is nuts

Added: Friday, December 6th 2019 at 12:56pm by wendidawn
Related Tags: crime

Yesterday a shooting at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Today, shootings at a Pensicola Naval Air Station and again today, Florida jewelry store robbed. All of these had deaths. 

What is wrong with people? Where is the  love? It is Christmas. Innocent people became vicitims of criminals. In the Pearl Harbor shootings, the shooter killed himself. In the Naval Air Station the shooter is dead and in the jewelry store shootings, two suspects are dead. Not to mention the innocents.

It is not safe to go anywhere. Not Church, Not the Mall, Not to school. When are the law abiding citizens going to demand  something be done? I do not see gun conntrol as a solution? 

I really think we need to get right with God. Pray for this world. Why, do we hate so much? 

User Comments

I just hope that believers share the Hope of the World with others. How can they know if we don’t tell them

 Good point river. Hope you are doing well.

Honestly, I’m scared. And mom almost left the house on her own. Concerned about that. Eddie and my brother are looking at nursing homes. I can’t take care of her if I’m going to get an operation

 I can understand river, you do need some help and it is hard when you have others to depend on you if you come down sick.

I think the world has always been pretty nuts...it is just waaaay more out in the open these days, Wendi D

 I guess, you are right FedUp and now we get the news in a flash as compared to the days before t.v and computer 

Right...that, too.


...end times Wendi. And you're right, things will only change for the better with God in America and the world. He didn't leave us, we 'eft Him. 

You said exactly what I was going to say.

 Great minds... {#basic-laugh.gif}

 We have left him(God is missing). You are right.



I see it everyday on the world news as well as my local news. Everyday there's a killing either in my town or a surrounding town.  You're right, thete are no safe places. When I go to the library even, I see how easy it would be for someone to just attack or open fire. You know something is terribly wrong when we have come to see this as the norm, and that is unfortunately what its become.

 Dani, I think the world is becoming immune to these problems and have just come to accept it.

That's what's so sickening. That its being accepted and its as though the criminals and offenders are taking over and law enforement has become a joke. It certainly feels that way.

 You are right. I think they are becoming immune too. The criminals are winning this battle.

That's what's so sickening

So sad...

Congratulations Wendidawn for bringing our world's present frightening problem to our notice. Relatively small as New Zealand is with a total population of only 5 million, what used to be an occasional murder is now another slaughter. Unfortunately through the media all we seem to be served up is politics , with Trump leading the way. Yes, even far away here in New Zealand. I have just posted wd and I hope it may 'cool the air' a little.

Congratulations wendidawn for bringing this worldwide major problem to our notice. I have just posted something that hopefully may 'cool the air' for a moment or two.



 Thank you AT. I will stop by your post in a few. I am so tired of politics AT. 



ActionTime Thanks AT, I will stop by your post in a few mins. 


You are correct Sis. Wendi, and yet the socialist want too take away our weapons. How will we be able to defend ourselves? Bro. Doc

 Boy, if that were to happen, we would be like sitting ducks, just ripe for the pickings. We cant control drugs, much less weapons. Crooks will find a way to get them, just like they did liquor in days when it was outlawed, drugs are illegal and it is not a problem to get it. 

That is very true Sis. Wendi. We look at Chicago IL that is very tuff on controling drugs and it has not solved much. Bro Doc


Hatred perpetrates hatred and it becomes a contagious disease when people are living very stressful and messed up lives with no love and no support system like a loving family around them.  It is very sad and I too dont know anymore what this world is coming to. {#basic-cry.gif}

 So true Maria. 

I agree with you. God and love is the only answer

 Yes kats, I agree. AND the government needs to stay out of our lives. 

We had two separate murders within six blocks of our house this past week.  It's very disturbing. 

 Oh my goodness maggie, glad you all are safe. This is scary though.

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