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Remembering Uncle Tony

Added: Friday, August 23rd 2019 at 4:16pm by wendidawn
Category: About Me
Related Tags: wine

I dont remember that much about him as I was small when he passed away. We called him Uncle Tony, but later on I found out his name was uncle Alonzo. 

He would walk the dirt lane as it was back then wearing a brown suit and a derby hat  to match. No matter how warm it was.

He would pay us kids a nickel for us to pick dandelions for him. I never knew for the longest time why, he would want those  yellow weeds . As I grew older, I found out that he made wine out of them. I had noticed that often he smelled of what I thought was medicine. 

This is all the memories I have of him. I wished I had some pictures of him to of remembered him by.



User Comments

Those childhood memories are always sweet. What brought him to mind today?

  Looking at some posts from family tree. Such as Ancestry. com and others. I love History. 

I understand. I wish Blogster wasn't such a shithole. How nice it would be to be able to share our family stories here without the crap it would draw.

 Yes, it would be nice. I think EVERYONE on here though has to set an example.

It is nice Sis. Wendi, that you remember something about your Uncle Tom. Bro. Doc

Thank you BrotherDocs.

He sounds quite a character.    Yes it is a shame you don't have any pictures of your uncle.

 He was.... lol

Takes a lot of dandelons to make wine. 

 I dont know how many we picked but it seemed like a lot. Might not of been though you know how kids are. lol

Childhood memories are so sweet, and your Uncle Tony was loved so very much.  Dandelion Wine, was a favorite of the "Hippies."  Especially those tht hang out in the Height/Ashbury district in San Francisco.

 I never knew that ellie. Dont think that this was the case with him though. This was before the hippies. lokl

You dont remember what he looked like? What a shame you dont have a photo of him but obviously the memories you do have of him are meaningful to you. 

 No, No photos and his relatives are all deceased as far as I know. Dont think he had any kids of his own.

That's so sad that you don't have pictures.   Oh well... memories are just as good. 

 Yes memories are just as good. Have a great day maggie

Nice memories... funny how the little things in life leave lasting memories.  

 Isnt this the truth Jo.? Sometimes, things just pop into my head from the past as if it were yesterday.

Hope you have a  good day today too.

What a great character sketch of a beloved uncle : )

Thank you.

Quite a character.


 Thank you. 

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