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Added: Monday, September 27th 2021 at 4:35pm by wendidawn
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I watched the news the other night, it was live. It was showing  illegals coming in from Central America. They had the family unit on one side and the kids who came by themselves on the other side of the payment. All of them drinking water and relaxing.

According, to the reporter , over a million had come here with more on the way. The US had to hire 4oo more border patrol agents  and took some from other places to go there, which left open borders for others to just walk across. 

These so called family units will be allowed to stay in the US. without being tested  for the virus. Amazing too, that I didnt see any men in these family units. I am guessing most of these woman are probably pregnant with anchor babies.


Another journist said,  he noticed most of them that she saw were pregnant and there  were already about 6 on her flight out of Texas.  

Let us not forget all those Haitians coming into this country too.

Schumer said these people will take jobs that the citizens here wont do. The same lame excuse libs always try to justify this by saying we are lazy. Funny, how that works out. I saw another campsite where the US put them up . Garbage  was left all over. I did not see one of these go getters out there picking it up. They just walked on buy it.

Why not send them to China, Iran or one of these other countries??? We are going to wind up living in squalor and having more diseases if this is not taken under control.

This administration is the laughing stock of the whole world.

Bumbling Biden and an invisable giggling vp. With Nancy the drunk. Maxine the racist  and this is just the beginning. Give them all a big circus tent and let them live there. 

Oh yes, cant forget Sharpton visiting the Haitians. He had to stick his racist nose in there. 


User Comments

It's all part of the 'grand plan'.  Just more proof that they don't care about us.

 Me too, Maggie.

It all just sickens me. Third-world, here we come. {#basic-frown.gif}

  I couldnt agree with you more. More ghetto , disease , crime, welfare. etc.


I couldn't agree more...

 We are laughing stocks .

Yes, in the "world" we are, but "the world" is lost.

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