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On the ball

Added: Sunday, November 22nd 2020 at 7:02pm by wendidawn
Category: Shopping > Shopping > Gifts
Related Tags: holidays

My Christmas shopping is almost complete. I have one more to shop for, but I may threw in  a couple of other last minute gifts for some that I wait to make sure I have the money for.

Now all I have to do is wrap them. I like to wrap at night, in rainy or snowy weather to the sounds of Christmas music playing. With a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate. This really puts me in the mood.

They have the front and back decorated, the lights are up. The inside tree is not up yet . We are way ahead this year compaired to last year.

I dont think I am going to do much baking, most of the family do their own cookies. Mine just goes to waste. Less work for me.


 Guess we will put tree up this week. Then there is the Thanksgiving meal to prepare with hubbys help.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. 

User Comments

I am glad Sis. Wendi, T-day is the only thing in store for me comping up. And what will not be much as we are on a lock down. Bro. Doc

I have done the bulk of my shopping online. I am really starting to enjoy shopping this way. It saves me time, plus, if I dont feel well enough or safe enough to go into the stores to fight the crowds. I can still get it done.

That is good. I can actually buy on e-bay brand new top name shirts for less then 10 dollars and with the VIRUS no postage. 

One place I have shopped so much I get a discount there.

Our town, which is 6,012 people doesn't have Walmart, or things like that and I have to drive 17 miles to those places and back or 34 miles. And I can buy online Walmart and get it cheaper and not have to go too the store.

I only have to wait 5 days to get what I ordered. So I understand why you can't and your actually saving money. Bro. Doc

Good Deal and we all like to save money and the convenience of it.

When you live 17 miles from a bigger city and you have to drive there and back and drive around the city you might end up with 40 miles on your car for one trip. Bro. Doc

Your right. Easier sitting from home.

I just got a few hours ago from Walmart my micro sheets light blue for the bed. From the 19th too the 23rd. Not long at all. And they were cheaper than the store. Bro. Doc

Great job. I am waiting on one more item from online. All the other stuff that we ordered and it was a good bit of stuff, is here. Love this. 

One good thing I don't have to drive anywhere to get what I need. Only I have to go too Harrisburg 5 miles north on Wed. to Grocery Deal, and then I do the rest of the shopping at Grocery Outlet and I save money that way. When the 2nd of Dec gets here the two week shut down of cafe and rest. will be lifted and I will be back to the Diner. it is like going to "Cheers". Everyone knows your name. Nice place to eat and homey little diner. Have a good evening sis. Wendi. Bro. Doc

Oh, I would love to find a diner such as this around here. At one time maybe, but we have grown so much . That is good that you dont have to drive. So much traffic on the road around here. The stores are always packed. Discouraging.

If you ever look at a map of Oregon and find Eugene/Springfield, you look straight north of Eugene, you will see Junction City. Hwy 99 is the main road from here to Eugene, it is not that busy. Now  Beltline which goes around Eugene is busy from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. and 3-5:30 p.m. with all the traffic trying to get home. But the longest wait anywhere during what one calls rush hour is only 15 minutes. 

Our Diner in J.C. is cool, they have one in Harrisburg, 5 miles north and Eugene, our County Seat has 3 or 4. 

It is nice that when the Owner comes to take your order she greats you by name. And since I eat the special at lunch, she just ask the usual. And then asks about the side.

This was her Uncle's Place, Pop's Diner, until July of this year when he died at 80 and still working.

It was all set up for her to become the owner and boss. Her son works there and on weekends her husband comes and helps. And she has two other people that work there that are not family.

So it is a homey place. Also the food is GREAT. 

But for now I have until the 2nd of Dec to at there again, as the Gov. has a lock down on for two weeks. We are as of tomorrow done with the first week. Silly to think a two weeks lock down on fast food or any food places is going to help by just pick up and take home. And to do it when T-Day is right around the corner. Take care. Bro. Doc

I am glad that you have found such a good place to eat at. 

WOW,,,,,, just 15 minutes for rush hour. How nice this is? I enjoyed your sharing this with me. 

Is there much snow? How cold does it usually get there? 

Hope your day is a good one.

I live in the Williamette Valley, Starts about Salem which is the Capitol of Oregon. Follow I-5 Freeway all the way down too Cottage Grove. This is the valley. I am at the southern end of the valley. I have seen it in the 20's. But usually at night in the low 30's and the highes in the winter can be up too 5-, but mostly in the 40's. Summer it gets into the 80's. And we hardly ever get snow. In 1969 Jan 25th we had 4 feet of snow. I am in the family home and was here when it happened. Most of the towns within 5 to 8 miles are small towns. Eugene is the County seat with 190 000plus and Springfield east and across I-5 Freeway 60,000 people. So that is why not much rush hour. The County is Lane and we are 65 miles from the mountains to the east and 65 miles to the coast west. So that is my area. Bro. Doc

Sounds like pretty decent place to live Brother Docs. I have a recipe that I want to post later on. I think you will like it.

I might not get to see it until tomorrow, because we have Study tonight and after it is over I might not get back here. But I would love to see it for sure.  One thing I will miss this week and it is tomorrow is the Halibut Sand. with fries. That is so good. Put a little Beaver Horseradish on it, and it is too die for. But you better have a good taste for it, because it is hot. I will look forward to seeing the recipe. You should goggle Junction City, Oregon and see what our town is like. Nice place too live. Bro. Doc

Have a good night BrotherDocs. 

It’s nice to get cozy and play Christmas hymns and music. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

I think so too, and hope you are felling well.

Sounds delightful. 

I am like a big kid when it comes to Christmas.

I only have two people to buy for, and that is done. Will wrap them closer to Christmas when more of the Christmas spirit is around.

I gotcha', Yes, I have to be in the Christmas spirit before I start wrapping too.

Hi, Fed Up

This year I am pushing a simple simple Christmas. I will put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorate but I am going to be keeping it simple this year. I rally do not need or want anything but to spend some time with family and friends this year. I usually get so busy that I do not get to enjoy the season and this year it is going to be different! Shopping is almost done so I am going to have a few small get together rather than one large one. A chill night, a pizza night, and soup night.... 

I like this idea about the small get togethers. That might work for me too. I appriciate the idea.Thank you.

Yes, and keeping it simple, you will enjoy your family and friends more.

Enjoy the celebrations however you do them this year...... mine will be very quiet as family agrees we need the peace not the party at this time.....

I understand after this year, I think we all deserve some relaxation.

No plans for Christmas this year. We'll donate to the food bank which really needs help right now thanks to Government lockdowns. Then just have a quiet holiday.

Thanksgiving should be nice since I'm cooking {#basic-tongue-out.gif} Hope yours is too Wendi

Donating to a food bank is a great idea Scott. I think many of us have cancelled plans for Thanksgiving. We did too, it is going to just be 3 or maybe 4 people compared to usually about 15 and sometimes more than that. We used to have a couple of friends come over due to them being alone but we arent doing even that this year. Somehow, I feel we are being cheated, but what can we do?

Ha!!! I usually procrastinate and do my shopping Christmas eve... 

I have been known to do this especially last year.

One year I actually started shopping at 10:30 PM on Christmas eve... the mall was open until midnight. {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

lol Oh now that is pushing it. Just like a man.

I'm the worst of the worst. {#basic-undecided.gif}

Its ok, as long as you get it done.

I've survived this long... {#dancing6.gif}

Thats right, if it works for you, that is all that matters. lol 

Big hugs and Happy Thanksgiving Day to you

Thank you kats.

Happy Thanksgiving Wenbdi!!  Hugs!

Thank you Ellie.

From me to you: well done!

It is nice to get things done sometimes. Merely for the sake of getting them done. I could not figure out what to buy one of my sisters for Christmas. I racked my brain, so to speak. One of the things I racked it for, was figuring out just the right thing. Then I realized, something like, yet not verbatim, but very much like:

"Oh. I'm in a Barnes & Noble Bookstore. My sister too loves this place. For the same reason I do. Which is pretending I'm not gonna spend money cuz I shouldn't but what the heck I'm gonna spend it just the same live and learn yadayadayada."

So, wends, I bought her a gift card. Easy-peasy after much fretting about nothing.

I think that is a great idea. You cant go wrong with that. I love to read too. 

There are several out there, I just never seem to make it to the book store anymore. One of the books, I cant remember the name for sure, is about a girl whose brother is bad news, then he passes and comes back to guide her on his journey. It is supposed to be true. 

I always wait til the last minute but shopping from home is so much better! I hate crowded stores during Christmas, what a rat race! Wrapping gifts, however, is always a treat with Christmas music playing in the background and my cat trying to "help", lol.

I'll be making pecan fudge and/or divinity fudge for Christmas.  I hope you and the family have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Ummmmmmmm, your fudge sounds great. 

I have all my pkgs. from online shopping back but one that I am waiting for. So far no problem in getting what I ordered. Hope that continues. lol

I had heard that items ordered early had a better chance of arriving early enough before Christmas than late ordering, with so many people opting to shop online.  I hope all your packages come in, in time. :)

Thank you. Yes, the real rush will start on Friday.So glad I am not venturing out in that wild mess. Same as online, they will get busier too, as the big day gets here.

Friday will find me nowhere near the stores.  Nowhere outside my house for that matter, lol.  Let the others fight over merchandise and trash the stores.  I'll be eating leftovers and watching tv, lol.

I hear you Dani and for me, watching old movies. If it is cold all the more reason for me to stay inside, wrapped in my toastie electric blanket. lol

I hear ya on that!  {#high_five.gif}

It rarely ever snows here for Thanksgiving, but if it does, it makes it perfect. lol

I do believe it is going to be a very different Christmas for most people this year but hopefully the new year will bring better things for everyone.  Have fun wrapping the gifts, it is my most favorite thing to do...{#basic-laugh.gif}

I think you are right Maria. We cancelled our big Thanksgiving meal. I hope by Christmas , we can make up for it, but who knows the way this year has gone, I wont hold my breath.

If all else fails, maybe, we could deliver the pks. home to home. Like Santa does.lol   Oh well...... we still have many blessings to be thankful for. 

We do indeed Wendi. Great attitude!!....{#high_five.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif}

Thank you Maria.

Wow, you are a good lady, have fun wrapping wendi.

Thank You Sandra.

{#basic-laugh.gif} {#basic-cool.gif}

Wow!  You are on the ball!

Yes Maggie, thanks to online shopping.

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