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Old things.

Added: Saturday, November 28th 2020 at 1:49pm by wendidawn
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We were sitting around yesterday on the deck. Weather was so mild and sunny. We started talking about old cartoons and old movies. We got to laughing at some of them. I think this world could use a little laughter. Dont take life so serious. None of us gets out of here alive. We all have the same fate. We cant change it. So lets laugh.

Cartoons that I watched in the days of the prehistoric were: Tweety Bird and Sylvestor. I loved it when Tweety, would say," I taught, I taw a puddy cat." " I did, I did".

Beanie and Cecil. Beanie would yell," Help Cecil, Help. Cecil would say,'I'm coming beanie boy, I'm coming". Speaking of this. Did you ever see "Loose Cannon", Great movie with Gene Hackman and Dan Akroyd? It was fantastic. I laughed so hard at those two. Just a little bit of info. on the movie. Gene Hackman was a DC cop, his superior placed Dan Akroyd as his partner,  failing to tell Hackman that Akroyd had about 100 different personalities. Akroyd played the part well. They get into all kinds of trouble.

I loved Foghorn Leghorn too. " I said, son, that is not a chicken hawk".

Elmer Fudd: I actually knew a man that had a speech problem. He purchased a watch. He decided he didnt like it so he took it back to the jewerly store for a return. The man behind the counter was also, tongue tied and stuttered. Both of them thought the other was making fun of the other, wound up in a fist fight. True Story. 

These are just a few. So many more . Have any you want to share, to give us a laugh.?




User Comments

I think Foghorn Leghorn is one of my favorites. 

Mine too. I loved the way he talked

He had some of the best one-liners, and yep, that voice. 

I liked all the Looney Tune cartoon characters.  Twitty Bird and Sylvester were always funny.  I liked Porky Pig as well and Pepe Le Pew.  That poor cat always got paint spilled down her back and Pepe would think she was another skunk, lol. I always liked watching Tom & Jerry as well.

Do you remember when Tom and Jerry's relative came to visit who played the guitar.? He got his moustache caught in the guitar. ? lol 

Yes!  I remember that! That was so funny. I haven't watched cartoons in ages. Talking of them makes me want to see some.  On youtube, they have a 4 hour video of Looney Tune cartoons. I need to check them out.

{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}The best of times is when you can find laughter 

yes, it is kats. Laughter cures what ails you. lol

That brings back lots of memories from Yesterday. Sis. Wendi. Bro. Doc

I know it really does. I am still a big kid at heart. lol

We had a couple of local programs here that made it big time. Capt. Shipwreck, and Romper Room. They were produced at KEZI IV channel 9. I think if there are still cartoons, most of them are so political they are not work watching. Use to be when I was a kid you go to MacDonald's  Movie House with three bread wrappers, for free. See a Cartoon for 30 minutes and 1 hour western. And in 1 1/2 hours it was all over. While the MacDoanld Movie House is still around where it always had been. It is now a Music place for listening to music stuff.  Our movie place here in our small town is a place to have live music, dancing and drinks. Don't even go there. But those where the days my friend. Bro. Doc

Yes, they were. I remember a movie theatre who showed nothing but scary movies. They would have a drawing for a silver dollar. The first and only thing that I have won in my entire life was there. Loved that place.

You don't see the small town theatre's anymore. Our town here once had an oudoor theatre, but it was gone in the 1962 Columbus Day wind storm. To bad the small town ones are not around anymore. Bro. Doc

There is a Drive Inn, a few miles from here in another state. It is a nice one , well maintained, clean, only open in the summer. It is the only one that I know still around. I loved those places. For a good price, parents could load the car up, bring your own snacks and enjoy a family night.

Where I live, to the east of our our street was the Drive In. Us kids we would sneak to the back of the drive in and pick up the speakers and listen too the movie. Or if we couldn't we could sit on a roof and watch the movie without sound. I do not even know where there is any left anymore in our state. Bro. Doc

I loved laying outside the car as a kid, watching these movies.

Here if you were at the drive in you had to stay in the car. But I guess the days of drive in's are gone unless your way out somewhere next too nowhere. Bro. Doc

I think we as kids were allowed right outside the car, is no AC back then.

I guess each drivein had their own rules. Would be fun to be able to go back too those days once again. Bro. Doc

 The one down the road, wont allow you to do this. They actually have people doing walk throughs to make sure everything is on the up and up. Safe , nice , quiet place, for the family.

Sounds nice. But where the one in Junction City was located until 1962, there were houses around. So in order to keep things on the up and up sitting in cars with the windows down or the top down was what you had to do. And where the building with the project for the screen was, they could see the whole drive in. I believe ours held 50 cars. What fun times. Bro. Doc

How is the weather there BrotherDoc??? 

Well it is cold, but no rain. It was only 40 today, a little wind. So it felt colder. Well I have to run pretty soon for study tonight at the Assembly. Take Care. Bro. Doc

Have a good evening BrotherDoc.

It is cold, windy, spitting snow and just plain dreary out today.

Like Brother Doc says.  Brings back all the memories of yesterday.  I watched them all. a new cartoon came out, about the time I was in 7th grade, that I just loved.

It was so funny, the Road Runner.  Whiley Coyote tried everything, and then some to catch that bird (Road Runner), but no matter what he tried it always backfired on him, lol!

I know ellie. There were some teen age boys who hung up the street from me and they would get together on Sat. morns just to watch the Road Runner and boy, did they ever laugh at him and his Acme products, I believe it was. lol

Looney Tunes cartoons are coming back to TV January 2rd on MeTV Saturday mornings. 

I'm a Bugs Bunny and Daffy fan over Mickey Mouse and Donald.

Yay, thank you, we are never to old to watch these classics.

I couldn't find the whole cartoon "Hummertime" on YouTube. It is one lf my favorite of the Warner Brothers and Bugs Bunny characters. Mel Blanc did all the voices which is amazing. Of course as kids we didn't know that it is this one man doing such hilarious voice acting.

Mel Blanc was a talented man. I have never heard of this one though. Thanks for the information. 

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like the Carol Burnette show. Even just watching them trying not to laugh is good entertainment.

I loved the Carol Burnette show too. Remember, Tim Conway doing the skit about the elephant??? He is cracking them up as well. Yes, I loved that show.

I really loved the Harvey classics...Casper the friendly ghost, Wendy the good little witch, Spooky the tough little ghost, Richie Rich, Little Lotta....

My brother used to get a kick out of Popeye for some reason, I never found it that funny myself...lol.  Yes cartoons bring back so many happy childhood memories and I loved them a lot. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Oh yes, I remember that cute little Casper. He was my daughters imaginary friend. She did no wrong, it was always poor Casper. I can remember going into a restaurant where they had to set a special place for Casper too. You couldnt sit where you wanted to in our house as you might be sitting on Casper. It was cute though.

{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} That's adorable!!

Thank you.

This brings back memories.   I miss entertainment that didn't have an ulterior motive. 

  Me too, Maggie. Just good clean fun.

I was big on Underdog. Didn't like Polly Purebread though.

Oh yes, I had forgotten about Wonder Dog. Thanks for the reminder Mr. Cox.

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