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Now for the other side of the story.

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, November 26th 2020 at 6:49am by wendidawn
Related Tags: rant

I have read and watched on tv how people have blamed Trump for a lot of stuff, that he did or didnt do. It seems as if he has been put down, criticized all over the place. They have tried their darnest to come up with all kinds of scandals on him, but yet, they give Biden a free pass as they dont believe their mental midget darling could do any harm.

I have always been told where there is smoke there is fire. Biden had the media, the liberals , people like Zuckerman, Soros, Clintons, all of these people in his pocket and backing him. There is no such thing as evil with these people as THEY are the EVIL ones.

I dont care if Trump talked trash in the locker room, most men do. This is petty stuff. I dont care if he had an affair with a hooker named Stormy. He was in the wrong morally, if this transpired, so was SHE. She would of been sleeping with a married woman. Clinton sure, got away with it more than enough. I dont care if Trump tells these people like it is, they dont want to hear the truth. 

THIS man is up against some heavy hitters, but yet, he doesnt quit, he doesnt give up, and he DOESNT take a paycheck.

As for him not during anything to help the people during this virus. He is the one that banned the flights to China, while Pelsok wanted them to continue. Remember that < Or do those people against Trump have selective memories???

I think this virus is blown way out of proportion. To many times, I have heard that the hospitals get more money if it is diagnosed with COVID. If the patient goes on a ventilator, they get additional money. If they did, they mark it as Covid.

I have seen people in lines from other countries , waiting for free food, or to buy some of the little that is on the shelves. Is this not what is going on now??? The government is telling us how many people we can have in our houses, and some of these governments are really going overboard.

You want to call out Trump but yet, fail to mention the destruction of cities that were run by LIBERAL DEMOCRATS and failed to act . Trump tried to call out the Guard, but NOPE , the governments of that state said NO>>>

I know that Trump has been passing out free food, without standing in lines. BRought right to your cars, with a signed letter in it, telling you where it is coming from. 

Even if I werent a Trump supporter, I stll know right from wrong and would speak out on his behalf.... 
Can anyone tell me what Biden is doing to feed the people? Where is the stimulus checks that Republicans tried to get through again> Last I heard Peloski wanted to give checks to illegals and Biden was trying to get them into this country???

I think my tax paying dollars is stretched about as far as it can go to help deadbeats that dont want to work, which brings me to my next subject. 


DONT DARE tell me that there are no jobs??? W00hat state do these people live in??? It is Christmas time, the stores are hiring. We have factories in this city that are begging people to work for them. Benefits from day one, 28 bucks an  hour. Dont think that I would turn my nose up at those kind of wages.... 

Yes, there are jobs out there,and didnt Trump pass a bill that they couldnt get forclosed on or evicted if they could not meet their rent??? In this area, the Power companies are helping people pay their light bills and gas bills, if they qualify... Unemployment was over paid during this virus, by what 600. oo, no one wants to work if they can stay home and make double the money. Think about that.

So no, I didnt vote for Trump for being a Saint, NONE of those politians can be called a SAINT. I voted for him cleaning the swamp. AND by George, I think he has done an excellent job. The establisment doesnt want the trash taken out as many of them are the trash. Think about that???

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Thank you Kats, I am on a roll today. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

 Happy Thanksgiving day to you 

An EXCELLENT rant. {#basic-cool.gif}

Thank you. I am just tired of them telling all these lies on him.

Now we call expect nothing but lies all in Biden's favor. Lying is what they do.

I have noticed that I have no problem thinking outside the box. It Trump is accused ,of something. I try and research it... BUT I have some liberal friends on fb, that everytime Bidens name is connected to a scandal, from them, it is all fake news. Fake news. I am so tired of hearing that. If I can understand that Trump isnt perfect, then they should of been raised to look outside the box. 

I had 3 friends on fb that were liberal. One changed to being Independent, the one, I dont mean any disrespect to her, but she is slow, always has been, the other one is gay and knows some of the Bidens personally. He is from Jersey and cannot stand Trump due to that as well. 

My question is this: How can you vote for Biden but yet, claim you love children ? How can you vote for Biden, and not believe in abortion? How can you vote for Biden and not pay attention to the charges against him and kids, when the pics are out there. I dont think they are photo shopped either. Then the no account son, but of course, he is innocent too. Yea right. I didnt fall off that turnip truck yesterday. lol

They're called USEFUL IDIOTS for good reason. 

Well said!  {#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}

Here I am on Thanksgiving ranting and raving. Shame on me. BUT I had to get if off my chest Dani. lol

Getting it off your chest, took a load off your shoulders and what better day than today.  No shame in that. You just said what all of us that support Trump, think too. 

That would be it. Criticize someone’s character when you can’t find something of substance to discuss. 👍👍👍

Yep, I try to find good in everyone, but I have always been one to stand up for what I believe is good. 

Way to go Wendi!!  You vhit it right on!!

Ellie, I was on another feed and read what the lawyer said about realeasing the Kracken and boy, she is right on them. Good for her.

Excellent Post Wendy...... Ive watched Trump for years as I'm acquainted with many NYers he associated with... he's first to admit he's not perfect but never "LIED" about it. He has done more good by far than most for the people and often the underdog ...... and Biden's pervision with children and treason the FBI is now hiding for his son, makes him the same low life he was 30/40 yrs go and it's is on record ... So go too it girl being awake to truth they try to silence to us is much to be thankful for on this and every other day.....

Thank you Akuna. I saw your one comment on that one post and was glad you spoke up. Then I saw some other comments condemning Trump, on another post.  I thought I have been quite about this fraud, etc. BUT know that this is NOT fair to the American people. There was fraud for sure. I hope Trump hangs in there and does them as they have done unto him. Karma.

Very good Sis. Wendi. Preach on! Bro. Doc

Thank you BrotherDocs. 

Your rant is well said, many sTrump supporters could add to your list of why we voted for him.  Well said m friend!!


Yes, they could robin, Thank You. 

I'm of a mixed mind about it.

That is ok Mr Cox you have every right to your opinion.

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Great rant, Wendi!   The MSM tv is full of lieing liars.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving without CNN and therest of the rotters 

Thank you Iderlander. Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one.

Good one!

Thank You.

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