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No room

Added: Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 12:02pm by wendidawn
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I have heard that the flu was going to be a bad one this year and it must be true. 

I called a friend today, as I hadn't talked to her since before Christmas to find out she was in the hospital. She rescued one of those little "ankle biter" dogs. She went to kiss the doggie on the head and he bit her on the lip. She went to the ER to get stitches. They kept her. I asked, why, she said, it was due to her blood pressure being so low. 

She was still in the ER the next day as they had no rooms available for her. She is number 4 on the list to get a room, if she were to stay in the hospital. She is due to get out tomorrow though. There is many cases of the flu going on. WOW!!!

User Comments

I got a flu shot. Hope it works.

 I got one too. So far so good.

flu hit hard here last year. This year I got a flu shot

 I did too, kats.

Not to worry Ken, especially if it was the Senior Shot, meaning, you got a shot for every single flu virus that's going around and then some.  If this is the first time, you got the flu shot, you might get a mild form of flu, that won't last more than 24 hours.

Good for you Kat!

Wendi, I sure hope you got the flu shot.  I've been getting a flu every single year, for the past 28 years, and I don't even get a cold anymore.

 Yes Ellie, I get one every year too. They have helped me so much, I think mine was the Senior shot too.

Maybe it was a blessing that the dog bite her. She might have had low blood pressure for a while and never knew it. But she should be careful. Some dogs could have germs that could make one sick. Bro. Doc

 You are right BrotherDocs. Never thought of this. She is a tiny little woman.

Another thought. Maybe the dog sensed something was wrong and bit her so she would have to see a doctor. Sometimes animals are smarter than we humans are. Hope you will have a blessed day Sis. Wendi. Bro. Doc


 Hi riverglorious. Hope all is well with you.

Alot of flu everywhere and I've heard pneumonia is making its rounds as well.  I'm shocked there aren't more sick people here as our crazy temps are through the roof. Today its the ridiculous temperature of 77°.  Next week it'll be in the 30s. We are having Spring temps in January, of all things.  No wonder people are sick.

I hope your friend doesn't pick up any germs and that her dog bite heals quickly. What a horrible experience that must of neen.

....and been* too.

 Yep, we are experiencing Spring like weather. Last Tues. we had a little snow on the ground, this week it is nice out but a cold front is coming through. This weather is crazy.

I cannot wait for a cold front to come. I had my a/c on last night for cripes sake!

There are many "flus" plural going around this year or at least that is what they are calling them. I know of 2 people who got really sick but never ran a temperature. They were extremely tired and slept  A LOT.  My uncle is having issues with fluid filling up in his lungs causing shortness of breath yet no infection - he has had to have fluid taken out almost everyday for 3 weeks! No temperature. 

It may be time for me to tighten my tin foil hat now.... 

 on my goodness. Sick with no temp. Hope your uncle gets better soon.

Measles has been the killer in this region with dozens of infant deaths in Samoa. I've just posted from Good Boy. I hope you check him out wd.


 I heard the measles were making a  comeback. I had the measels but not chicken pox. Ok, I will head over there AT.

That's too bad. 

 She is a fiesty older woman Marissa. She has been through a lot the last 5 or so years.

Sorry about your friend wendi, and pleased you had the flu shot.

Thank you

Hope your flu shot works, we had a really bad one last winter, killed a few people.

I hope it works too Maria uhh

China is the present focal point. The latest expert opinion is, much more important than wearing masks, is the costant thorough washing of hands. I am in full agreement. I've just posted something for you.

This is a scary thing.  It seems it is always something. Take care



I know a lot of people who've had a cold since last fall.

 It is so bad here, that our schools sent memos home to parents to wash the kids backpacks and coats once a week.

SHEESH!!! That's bad for sure.

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