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New Recipe for you

Added: Sunday, February 23rd 2020 at 6:01pm by wendidawn
Related Tags: food recipe

Someone  gave me a recipe yesterday. I tried it , fell in love with this. It was quick and easy.

4 boneless chicken breasts

2 or 3 small cans creme  of chicken soup

1 - 8 oz sour cream


Boil chicken and cut up or shred into chunks

Mix soup and sour cream over chicken in casserole pan. I just looked at

the chicken mixture and guessed at a dish that would work.

Smooth and spread mixture in pan

Crumble Ritz crackers, about a sleeve. Over the mixture,  Cover

with foil, 

Bake 350 for about 20-30 mins. 

I served with a salad.


User Comments

This sounds delicious Wendy. I love chicken dishes and all these ingredients are everything I love.  I will definitely be trying it. Thank you for sharing.

 You are welcome. It isnt many ingredients, I like that. lol

Exactly, lol!

I make something almost like this, except I add onion and mushrooms. This is a real good dish. Bro. Doc

 Sounds good. 

It is really good and the oinions and the mushrooms add the extra flavor it needs. Bro. Doc


My husband has to cook right now and this sounds delicious besides easy for me to direct him. Thanks!

You are welcome. Hope all is well with you Anonymous.

Will share this with a family memeber as they will probably love this-thanks

You are welcome.


Thank you

sounds yummy

kats it is awesome. next time, I im making a double  batch. lol

Sounds good, will have to try it..

Hope you enjoy it.

Yum!  😋

 It is fast and easy. Love it.

Pam is very interested and asked me to pass on her thanks. THANK YOU wd.

 You are quite welcome Pam and AT.

everything is better when it sits on a ritz

 LOL........... yes, it does.

Sounds interesting.

 Thanks Sandra.

Sounds tasty and easy to make.  Thanks Wendi l will try this.

   Thanks Jaddie. 

Sounds so easy and delicious!!! {#yummy.gif} {#yummy.gif}

 I really liked it. Easy and only a few ingredients.

I just wrote it down, I'm gonna try it!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

 Good, hope you like it too. 

I am going to try soon to make the chili boat. It is made with French Bread.

that sounds good too!!!!

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