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John Hopkins recent report about this virus.

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, November 29th 2020 at 3:21pm by wendidawn
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User Comments

I'm quite sure what they just said or what to make of it.

If John Hopkins can come out and tell you those figures are basically to high of the deaths of this virus. I am inclined to believe them.

I got lost in the article, maybe I'm not fully recovered yet and my comprehension is foggy. If that's what they're saying, then it's about time there's some confessing. Good for them.

Yep, exactly what they are saying. If you get a chance Youtube, Dr. Charlie Ward, interviewed by Clay Clark. There is a lawyer on this interview too. I am saying, this is one of the best , if not the best information interviews I have seen. First, few mins. are boring, after you get through that or skip over it, let the interview begin. 

Things are starting to come out and now they seem to be fitting into place. This man is a Trump supporter. Answers questions about all kinds of things.Talks about Epstein, the Island, Gates, Injections of poison.  A well rounded interview. 

It's all been part of the plot to steal the election and "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

They've tried to tlink Covin with everything from climate change to BLM.

Yes, but these people that I just told you about , break it all down, even about how made those machines, how it was done and WHY, Hillary didnt win. It is all explained. Makes perfect sense. I think you would like it. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Maybe tomorrow, I'm about to get off the computer for the night. 

I swear, this virus is so confusing just like everything else, I don't know what to think of it all, ugh!

My take is that they are counting false positives in their numbers. And if the same person tested positive last week and again this week, they’re counted as TWO cases. So, who can we believe? And then, if a person dies of a respiratory disease, it’s counted as COVID. “When in doubt, count as Covid!” Even if it’s a cold, same family and can show up testing positive on a COVID test. 🙁🙁🙁

I think the confusion is done for a reason Dani. Much like the poll results. 

river, I am thinking as you are. They have to have the numbers to plant the scaring into us. They want us to obey and they want to control.

Wendi its gotten to the point where just about everything is suspicious and questionable nowadays.

Ambar, I had heard of that too.  Too many liars and false information everywhere. Its disgusting!

SOme people though are trying to explain it to us. I am glad of this. Dr. Charlie Ward on You tube. Interview with Clay Clark. They even say dont "Google" Go to that other search engine. Duck something. I have heard of it, but cant remember. I went to Youtube though and it was still there.

That is the whole idea Dani. The Mandela Effect. Of course, in the Bible it warns us of this too, by saying, what is wrong is right , what is right is wrong. In the end days. 

Basically, the actual number of deaths attributed to actual ChinaPlague are about 6% of what's been reported.  ie: actual is approx 15-16 thousand in our USA.

Yeah, I read about the article being taken down: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/johns-hopkins-study-mysteriously-disappears-shows-spite-covid-no-deaths-2020-prior-years/

Yep, they did take it down which makes it more of" I want to know", theory... lol

If you get a chance. On Youtube. Dr. Charlie Ward on the Clay Clark show. Oh, this is very good. He tells you who we can trust, who not to trust and he is a Trump supporter BUT he says, watch Pence too. This is very , very interesting.

Watch Pence? 🤔 I’m going to bed. I’m cancer free, thank the Almighty GOD, but still suffering from the chemo. I’ll try tomorrow 🙂🙂🙂

 It is a rather long interview, but well worth the watch after you get through the first few mins. where  it is telling you what Dr. Ward does for a living, etc. 


Just go to JHU on the web abd you can find it.


Thank you

I don't care who comes out and says what about anything.  I have always had my own thoughts on this and all the other crap that floats around.   :)

Yes, me too. I hate to think that we could of been used as examples of how easy it is to panic us. But I think this is what is going on.

Wendi I never bought into it, I quit watching the news a long timee ago.  Panic?  Over what?  Something the the media is frabicating?  I don't think so.

 It is like trying to dumb us down. I bet those responsible for this mess, is laughing at us. So many are buying into this. How can people be led so astray and so easilly?

me, I just dont know who or what to believe anymore...{#basic-cry.gif}

Yes,... It's hard to know what's true anymore ... trust is quickly evaporating!

I know it is all so misleading. One says one thing, another says another. I was hoping this mess would clear up and we could go back to normal.... I am wondering if that will ever happen.

It is and again, isnt this the plan?

Oh, yes!  Unless ChinaPlague info is from RELIABLE Conservative sources, it is obviously suspect...probably false and meant to mislead .

Right Fed up.

see what I cant understand is why the need to falsify information about a pandemic.  What is to be gained by lies and how is it going to help people?

I dont think anything will ever go back to the way things were before the pandemic Wendi, what is even "normal" any more?

Again you are right. I just saw where some jobs will not come back. What a shame.

 I read somewhere, this was just a dress rehearsal for what is yet to come. I hope not. Others will say, it is government control. Who knows Maria.

I was thinking the other day, when I saw a little kid with a mask over her face. How do you explain doing this to your kids? You know kids ask all kinds of questions? How do you get a child to keep this mask on its face? Also, it is not the norm for kids to NOT go to school. How are these kids relating to what is going on??? Is it going to have any long term problems for them??? Just things that run around in my head?

when it comes to the difference between life or death, all those questions become moot Wendi.  If the virus mutates into one that spares nobody, every single person on the planet gets infected and the only way to avoid catching it and dying is by wearing a mask, EVERYBODY including kids and babies will be wearing them. Thankfully we have not gotten to that stage yet so we still have the luxury of choosing whether we force kids to wear them or force kids to stay home from school or force ourselves into a bubble just to stay alive.  Viruses mutate and the more people get infected the more virulent forms will develop.  We need to protect ourselves from this whatever it takes.  I would rather wear a mask 24/7 than catch it and die.  I would force my child to wear a mask rather than risk their chance of getting the virus and dying.  That's just me though, unfortunately there are still many people who do not agree or understand or believe how serious this virus is.  

Humans are very resilient, they will create new jobs and probably better jobs.

I hope they do.

I am just so confused by what is happening all around us. I guess, most people are wondering the same as me. When does it all end and it seems no one has any answers???

For the faithful, it's all in God's hands, and for others...who knows.

Thank you wendi

you are welcome.

Hummm.  A retract on the interview they did with Genevieve Briand’s presentation “COVID-19 Deaths:

They're claiming her reports are inaccurate, and truth be told, they did the right thing, because I just can't belive what she claims the figures are.

I dont trust Dr. Fausi either. I dont trust that vaccine either.

Dr. Fausi, is behind this whole thing.  He said, before Donald Trump was even elected President, that if he, President Trump became President, there would be a pandimic, that America is not ready for. 

They were sitting on a powder keg, once again, planned in advance. Fausi, Obama and more went to that Chinese lab, from what was reported when Obama was in office. It is all crimes against humanity. You would think that releasing such a virus, is like Saddam releasing poison gases on his own people. Why, arent these criminals taken into custody???

You may want to read and/or post from THIS site (do not hesitate to delete this lengthy COMMENT if you want to do that, OK?)



This UBER-Reliable Article on The ChinaPlague is  ~2690 words

This is Part 1 of 5 Parts  (~983 words)

A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

October 2020 • Volume 49, Number 10Jay Bhattacharya

Jay Bhattacharya
Stanford University

Jay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, where he received both an M.D. and a Ph.D. in economics. He is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research, a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and director of the Stanford Center on the Demography and Economics of Health and Aging. A co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, his research has been published in economics, statistics, legal, medical, public health, and health policy journals.

The following is adapted from a panel presentation on October 9, 2020, in Omaha, Nebraska, at a Hillsdale College Free Market Forum.

My goal today is, first, to present the facts about how deadly COVID-19 actually is; second, to present the facts about who is at risk from COVID; third, to present some facts about how deadly the widespread lockdowns have been; and fourth, to recommend a shift in public policy.

1. The COVID-19 Fatality Rate

In discussing the deadliness of COVID, we need to distinguish COVID cases from COVID infections . A lot of fear and confusion has resulted from failing to understand the difference.

We have heard much this year about the “case fatality rate” of COVID. In early March, the case fatality rate in the U.S. was roughly three percent—nearly three out of every hundred people who were identified as “cases” of COVID in early March died from it. Compare that to today, when the fatality rate of COVID is known to be less than one half of one percent.

In other words, when the World Health Organization said back in early March that three percent of people who get COVID die from it, they were wrong by at least one order of magnitude. The COVID fatality rate is much closer to 0.2 or 0.3 percent. The reason for the highly inaccurate early estimates is simple: in early March, we were not identifying most of the people who had been infected by COVID.

“Case fatality rate” is computed by dividing the number of deaths by the total number of confirmed cases. But to obtain an accurate COVID fatality rate, the number in the denominator should be the number of people who have been infected—the number of people who have actually had the disease—rather than the number of confirmed cases.

In March, only the small fraction of infected people who got sick and went to the hospital were identified as cases. But the majority of people who are infected by COVID have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. These people weren’t identified in the early days, which resulted in a highly misleading fatality rate. And that is what drove public policy. Even worse, it continues to sow fear and panic, because the perception of too many people about COVID is frozen in the misleading data from March.

So how do we get an accurate fatality rate? To use a technical term, we test for seroprevalence—in other words, we test to find out how many people have evidence in their bloodstream of having had COVID.

This is easy with some viruses. Anyone who has had chickenpox, for instance, still has that virus living in them—it stays in the body forever. COVID, on the other hand, like other coronaviruses, doesn’t stay in the body. Someone who is infected with COVID and then clears it will be immune from it, but it won’t still be living in them.

What we need to test for, then, are antibodies or other evidence that someone has had COVID. And even antibodies fade over time, so testing for them still results in an underestimate of total infections.

Seroprevalence is what I worked on in the early days of the epidemic. In April, I ran a series of studies, using antibody tests, to see how many people in California’s Santa Clara County, where I live, had been infected. At the time, there were about 1,000 COVID cases that had been identified in the county, but our antibody tests found that 50,000 people had been infected—i.e., there were 50 times more infections than identified cases. This was enormously important, because it meant that the fatality rate was not three percent, but closer to 0.2 percent; not three in 100, but two in 1,000.

When it came out, this Santa Clara study was controversial. But science is like that, and the way science tests controversial studies is to see if they can be replicated. And indeed, there are now 82 similar seroprevalence studies from around the world, and the median result of these 82 studies is a fatality rate of about 0.2 percent—exactly what we found in Santa Clara County.

In some places, of course, the fatality rate was higher: in New York City it was more like 0.5 percent. In other places it was lower: the rate in Idaho was 0.13 percent. What this variation shows is that the fatality rate is not simply a function of how deadly a virus is. It is also a function of who gets infected and of the quality of the health care system. In the early days of the virus, our health care systems managed COVID poorly. Part of this was due to ignorance: we pursued very aggressive treatments, for instance, such as the use of ventilators, that in retrospect might have been counterproductive. And part of it was due to negligence: in some places, we needlessly allowed a lot of people in nursing homes to get infected.

But the bottom line is that the COVID fatality rate is in the neighborhood of 0.2 percent.


Thank you and was well worth the read. You took the time to post this, the least that I can do is to read it.

It explains a lot and thanks.

The imprimis link up there has the rest of the story under its 10/2020 article.

ChinaPlague arrived, finally in early October Jay Bhattacharya wrote spoke this article.

I guess it took six or more weeks for him to get to that point.

My point?  All that was 3 or more months ago!  AND?  And the fudging of science and etc. had obviously gone on waaaay before Jay Bhattacharya caught wind of the dishonesties.  AND!  Well, here we are FINALLY getting info about the total horse-hockey we have been dealing with for 10 and more months!!!

I am (appropriately, livid with rage

y'all missed this, on the 20th



"And then Johns Hopkins and she were ordered to take that report down because it was a little bit too sensitive    maybe too accurate"

It was not posted by John Hopkins to begin with but by one of their student associations and ot was taken down precisely because it was wrong.

Thanks Fed UP.

The stats were wrong and the commentary on the stats got too uncomfortable for the Lefties


Actually, Genevieve Briand-Asst. Program Director of Applied Economics Master Degree Program at John Hopkins University, critically analyzed the impact of the virus covid-19 had on US Deaths. She actually , made the graphs according to an article that was published by News and Politics.  The students posted what they saw in her article and graphs. 

John Hopkins University deleted the article by the students and the information by Ms. Briand, due to "being used to support false and dangerous unaccuracies about impact of pandemic. 

Now this sounds to me like this is information that they DONT want out to the public.

We all know that if this were to get out, the left might not be able to hold us hostages. lol

Y e p !

Time for a toddy...

I think that is a great idea. I would like a whiskey sour, please.

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