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It is that time again.

Added: Wednesday, August 3rd 2022 at 11:57am by wendidawn
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Canning is approaching. My daughter usually does the canning part and I do the prepping.

Tonight first up is peaches. Dont think she is canning them but vacuum packing them. They still need to be peeled and cut up. 

This weekend we will probably go looking for tomatoes and green beans. 

I love canned food. It reminds me of trying to be prepared . With this economy and uncertainties, being prepared might be a good idea.

User Comments

Yes!   A few days ago, while at our favorite fruitstand, someone bought up their entire stock of peaches.   Good to see you gals are on it too.   :D  

They taste so much better than store bought. 

I love a fresh peach

Have had the Grands over a lot recently. Canner is still out,, but hasn't been used for at least a week.

Lost the recipe for pickled bull kelp, but there'll be another chance before too long...

I have never heard of pickled bull kelp Iderlander....

Spending time with the grandkids is valuable. Time passes so fast.

Last Sunday afternoon took the Grands to a bay beach for sandcastle building. While there found a tiny cove by the jetty that collects immersed  seaweed from the outgoing tide. Needs to be fresh as can be, so I'll check after a fall storm sometime.

Here's a recipe;


(Oops. Now how did that happen?)

WOW.... I learn something new everyday. lol


When I was young my mother would can cherry's from our tree. It always had tons of cherries, so we always had jars of them.

When her house was sold when she went into a care facility, there was still some canning stuff left that she had from the 50s, and it was one of the first items to go.

WOW..... I love those cherries but where we get ours from, you have to get there before those birds or they will pick the tree bare. lol

Yes, canning stuff is a good buy.

prep would be a job I could do. but it is mainly just me and his Highness so no canning here

But you know what kats, they make nice gifts too. You could put them in a basket with a nice bow. Most people would love this.

All I can say Sis. Wendi, is have lads of fun. Bro. Doc

My daughter does most of the canning. She is teaching me. lol

I would have thought you knew canning Sis. Wendi? Since I have this big 1960 deep freeze that will hold about 2560 lbs of food, I can buy fresh food and fix it and freeze it. If one was to can here the cost for the electric would be high. Glad your learning canning. Surprising a young person would want to can. Bro. Doc

I tried my hand at canning years ago. I made some pickles and some homemade tomato sauce. That is about all I did. Now, mostly I would blanche and freeze, such as green beans, tomatoes, but I would freeze peaches for cobblers.

I have never canned, but freeze. My Mother use to can until the electric bill became way to much and you could get the canned stuff cheap on sale. That is not much the case now. Have fun. Bro. Doc

Thank you.

We didn't can when I was growing up and, although I now know HOW to, I haven't done much of it. Three years ago, the ladies club I head up was asked if we provided canning classes, so we took a quick refresher course for ourselves, then provided two hands-on workshops for the public.  They were a hit!  So, then we applied for and received a grant that allowed us to buy all the necessary equipment and expanded the next year's offerings to include freezing and dehydrating.  This year we added jams/jellies and pickles/relishes.  So far, classes are filling nicely, and interest is only growing.  I think, with everything so unsettle, we will continue to see more and more people growing and preserving their own food.

This is great. I would love to attend one of these classes. 

I think you are right, more and more people are trying to plan ahead.

I love canning!!

There is no better eating ... Yummy.

Fresh veggies prepped and bottled/canned can't be beat. My wife likes to do pickled beets, me I love homemade dill pickles!  

We dont have the beets, but we have some good pickle recipes. I love "Bread and Butter" pickles.

Have you ever had "Dilly green beans". ? If you like dill pickles, you will like this one.

Sounds like fun. Yes, being prepared is important.  I've been thinking about purchasing around five survival food kits.

Good idea Marissa. I am thinking to stock pile some water too.

I love canned food. It reminds me of trying to be prepared .

It reminds me of how much I crave bread 'n butter pickles, kosher dills, and kimchi.

Yes, me too. It must be a survival thing. I cought eat my weight in bread and butter pickles. lol

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