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"I ain't asceared of no ghost".

Added: Monday, September 14th 2020 at 8:47am by wendidawn
Related Tags: haunted places

Who said that? Not me, must of been one of those friends that talked me into going haunted house hunting with them so long ago.

We had been teenagers, with time on our hands. You know that is never a good thing. We were looking for mischief. We were sitting around a little sub shop, bored. Someone started talking about a house that was just sitting there.  EMPTY ,  No trespassing signs , nothing was  posted. He had seen it as it sat along side the river.  So he suggested us go for a ride and check it out.

As we pulled up to this big monster of a house. I tried to picture how grand this place once must of been. It sure was perfect for someone who wanted seclusion. Bushes had grown up  and needed mowed, hedges needed trimming, house needed painted. Years of neglect. The night sky was starting to cover the light of the day, and rainclouds looked to be settling it. Just great, a perfect time to rain. It was spooky enough from the outside, I don't mind admitting, I was scared. Call me a coward if you want, I wouldn't argue that point. 

There was a guy with us who would fight at the mention of the word. Not afraid of anyone, but he was sure uncomfortable about entering that house. He whispered in my ear, if you want to stay in the car, I will stay with you. I told him, this bunch isn't going to let us stay out here, we will have to go in. Then he suggested we hold hands. I was laughing to myself. I guess, we all have our weaknesses.

The door was not locked, so we entered. We had flashlights. We saw a wheelchair at the bottom of the stairs. We found some old newspapers, dating back to 1945.IT was now 1965.  We found a medicine bag, some old clothes. Mostly, everything was probably stolen or moved out. We decided to go in the basement, someone flipped the light switch and they actually came on. Now, it didn't take any rocket scientist to know that should not of happened. Who, was paying the bill for a house to have lights that was unoccupied? Now, I really felt scared. I suggested we leave and it didn't take much for the rest of them to follow suit. 

As we hurried out to the car, we passed by the garage,  the roof had decayed and was falling in. We had decided on  our way in that we would leave it for last as there wasnt much to it. Now, we went in and saw the left overs of a car, that must of been stripped of most anything usuable. 

I was more curious than ever now. Who, would just walk away? Did someone die and just leave it? I started asking around, as I had a friend who lived in that county and went to college there. He  told me this: The story is, that a Doctor once had lived there with his invalid wife, he was accused of pushing her down the steps and killing her. He up and left everything, even the car in the garage. They caught him somewhere in another state.

You are probably wondering about those lights working . We found out the College Kids rented the house  to take their "Pledges" , in. I can only imagine, it sure did creep  us out. I am glad there weren't any Frat guys there on the night we decided to check it out. lol

User Comments

This is a great story, just in time for Holloween. There's something about those old abandoned houses, so many unanswered questions where our imaginations can fill in the blanks. Just being in an old empty house where we're not supposed to be adds an element of fright. 


I know and boy, can my imagination run wild. In fact, I am good for scaring myself. lol

Wow!  This had me from beginning to end.  I'm just glad that I wasn't there, it was so creepy!  Thanks for sharing.  A very good write, that would put Stephan King to shame!!

Some true stories, could be made into novals, and this is one of them.

Thank you so much ellie. I am glad you enjoyed this.

WOW Great story Wendy..... I love haunted houses.. most are only filled with repetitious Energy Imprints (the keep being seen in  same spot doing same thing) but had a few real haunting  and one really bad evil one. My farmhouse now tenant house has a Highly Evolved past owner she returned after having made choice to not reincarnate and instead serve the occupants and loved the idea of different tenants and helping to awaken them Spirituality... so far 4 tenants and my three kids saw here and a neigbor saw her at the window..Emmie is a love and a blessing as she kept the occupents safe..warned several times of fires just beginning to start..

WOW........ it is amazing how some people are so receptive to these spirts and can pick up on these things. Interesting and would love to read about these stories.

{#evil_laught.gif} Thanks for sharing Wendi. Few things are as fun as a good adventure like that.

I know especially since, we shouldnt of been there. lol

Sounds like the perfect setting for a horror movie.  Nothing scarier than a haunted house, you hate to be there but feel that need to go inside, lol.

I know Dani. i do believe in ghosts. lol

Oh I believe in ghosts too!  We have a haunted Bed&Breakfast here that used to be a plantation home back in the early 1900s or 1800s & I've heard so many storirs said about the people that slept there.  I wouldn't sleep there or even visit in the daytime, for fear of seeing a ghost!  I will look at YouTube videos of that B&B, but will never go tour or visit, as IF! Lol...

I dont blame you. It would scare me to death to wake up and there is a ghost staring back at me. No thank you. To visit and go home is one thing, but to spend the night is quite another. lol

I get so spooked, I cannot watch a horror movie or anything on the paranormal at night or by myself.  I'm scared I wake up a ghost after I turn the tv off, I kid yoy not, lol.  Where I watched the uncut version of "The Exorcist", I was traumatized for days, lol.

LoI I torture myself by watching these movies too, Dani. I scare myself so bad sometimes. I go in my bedroom, lock my door and actually sleep with the lights on.Knowing darn well that locked doors arent going to protect me. 

Lol, when it comes to horror movies, we're cut from the same cloth it seems.  {#basic-laugh.gif}


You now Dani, I dont like the bloody ones, I lean towards the scary ones.

The bloody one really do nothing for me but like you, its the haunted houses, the ghosts, spirits, the knocks on the walls, the creaky doors, the screams...those are what scare me to death.

If I get real scared, I cover my head up with a blanket like a little kid. lol

I put my hands over my face and peek through my fingers, lol!


Cute story!

Thank you.

Someone was paying property taxes, too, or the county would own it...maybe the county did own it...

Maybe, or the family might have owned it .

Filipinos are VERY VERY superstitious when it comes to ghosts, I dont know if it's got to do with being religious and believing in the "here-after" or what but they really believe in ghosts. I remember in my childhood before we moved to Australia the many stories the house keepers used to tell and the many huge "haunted houses" in the neighborhoods.  I saw many of them and they scared the poop out of me...lol.  Even though I am sceptical, I woud still be terrified and there's no way I would have done what you did, you couldnt pay me to set foot in anything resembling a "haunted house"....lol.

I was younger then Maria, I didnt have good, common sense. lol I would rather someone sit back and tell me a tale about the haunted houses instead, of my going into them now. 

It is nice to see you on here.

Thanks Wendi, I popped in to post a recipe and forgot I hadnt responded to comments on my last post...lol. So I am just going through my notifications now and deleting them as I go.  I've gotten hooked on Audible books and I spend a lot of time listening to books. I used to be an avid reader but the last few years I havent really done very much of it. With Audible books I can go through a lot more books and enjoy them even more. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Even at my age, I would still feel scared to go into a "haunted house" and I dont even know if I believe in ghosts or not....lol.

I spend much of my time on Youtube. I like the idea of picking and choosing what I am interested in. 

for me Youtube is my favorite "go to" for wonderful animal stories.  I love the DODO, Hope for Paws, and of course all the channels regarding elephants and elephant sanctuaries.  I get very addicted when it comes to animals, they are my most favorite thing in the whole world!!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

A  person who loves animals as you  do, has a  good heart Maria. We need more caring people in this world such as you.

I just watched a fight between an octopus and a snake.

Thanks for sharing. love stories like this :)

Your welcome, glad you enjoyed.

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