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Cold Day

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 7:44am by wendidawn
Category: Food & Drink > Bread
Related Tags: food

It is bitter cold here ,  after some pleasant temps. This is crazy, it seems Mother Nature is on a roller coaster ride. I didn't waste this time though. I decided to make some homemade bread, macaroni salad, fried green beans, and Parmesan crusted chicken. So easy and so good.

I was going to make a peach dessert but did not get around to it, . I had some trouble getting the bread to rise. I knew the kitchen was not warm enough ,.I turned the oven on, set the bowl of bread on top of the stove and that did the trick. It finally did what it was supposed to do.

I had made two loaves, had an extra one left so tonight it will go with  spaghetti.



User Comments

Sorry it is so cold there. Bro. Doc

 I cant complain though, brotherdocs. It has been a mild but strange winter. More rain than snow. In fact, I think, we have only had a dusting of snow this year. I am wondering what next winter will bring, since this was a mild one so far. Hope your day is a good one.

So did you make peach cobbler or pie? And garlic bread I would think if your having the other for dinner? Well, as long as you have had a mild winter than a little cold is not bad as long as you have no snow. We have had in the 20's. But in my part of Oregon we very seldom get snow. My day is going wonderful and I think your's is also. Bro. Doc

That meal sounds delicious!  I don't know what makes my mouth water more, the fresh bread or that peach dessert!  Maybe the bread with butter and strawberry or grape jelly or the peach dessert with a dollop of cool whip or ice cream!  Either way....{#yummy.gif}

Happy Valentine's Day to you {#giveflowers.gif}

Happy  Valentines Day to you to Dani. I have some fresh peaches in the freezer that was vacuumed packed and am thinking still yet of making those peach dumplins, with vanilla ice cream.

Wendi if I ate your cooking for a week, I'd easily gain 15 lbs, lol.  Peach dumplins sounds fabulous, mmm mmm!

 It is hard to lose weight aroung here, this is for sure. lol



It's a god sign, that March will come roaring like a lion, it's been cold here too.

I was going to let you know, that if you put your bread dough on top of the stove next time, lol!  if you have a gas stove, place it in the center of the burners, the piolt light will be enough, electric stove, do what you did.  Makes me wish for some homemade bread now!

The meal sounded yummy, and spagetti tonight is extra yummy!!

 The bread recipe is a really easy one ellie. So is the chicken,

Oh, I know it, I used to make it all the time, but with just the two of us, we just don't make it any more.  The chicken on the other hand, I just may give it a try soon.

 If you need the recipe, I will send it to you


Sounds like you have put your time to good use.  l am sure the bread was very tasty.  l am liking the sound of the Parmesan Chicken. 

Hope you are having a lovely Valentines Day Wendi :-)

Thank you Jaddie. Hope you have a great day too. 

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm {#yummy.gif} The sweet smell of bread baking in the oven on a cold winter day... HEAVENLY!!!

I’ve never smelled that. Just Pillsberry biscuits

...well, that's really close. {#basic-cool.gif}


 You are right. It smelled so good. Reminded me of being a kid again.

The recipe is an easy one.

 I love the aroma of freshly baked bread. {#dancing6.gif}

When I was younger, there was a bakery here. When they fired those ovens up the aroma of fresh bread was in the air for blocks. Hot bread with melted butter is the best.

Mmmm GIF by memecandy

OpinionNateTed , hey, dont forget the peanut butter. lol

HA!!! I love my PBJs {#yummy.gif}

I like peanut butter on bananas too. 

Today our towns 80 this morning. I bet it gets colder tonight

WOW.......... what a nice day.


Great day for fresh-baked bread and comfort food. Keep warm :D 

 Brrrrrrrrrr.......... I will try, have been freezing all day. Cant get warm.

You {#arrow_go.gif}  GIRL!

 thank you.

...so I’ll make spaghetti for tonight, too, and chicken tomorrow. Could you post your weekly menus?! 😋

Would love to, but not sure what you want.

i personally think the universe is trying to kill us! ~ lol


i have been baking bread myself - i have to tonight or tomorrow morning 

Plenty of really hot summer weather here in NZ. Care to borrow some lol?

i sent some rain down earlier ~ i was hoping it would push some of the heat this way

the problem is the the jet stream ~ it pushes the hot air over canada and canada gets it all cold then shoves if over the great lakes where it turns to snow and dumps on us

stupid jet stream ~ lol

 I have frozen a loaf. Do you know if it freezes well?

 Yes, yes, AT. I am chilled to the bones. Second day, for freezing. Please, send some hot weather to me. lol

 I am wondering what we will be in for come next winter...

i make three 9" loaves a week and they barely last ~ so i have never tried freezing.


i have thought of freezing the dough ~ have you tried that?

 No, I had not thought of this. Thanks

  I have a loaf frozen now.When I thaw it, I will let you know how it turned out. 




it's the complete opposite down here in Australia. We have had the worst record highs of temps over three or even four consecutive days.  I feel so bad for those who cant afford air-conditioning or the power bills to run them...especially the elderly....{#basic-cry.gif}

 Hi Maria, One is as bad as the other. Yes, I cant stand not having a/c.

Cooling down here with promised rain approaching wd.

 We have had a rainy winter. Guess that will help the farmers crops this year.

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