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Breakfast Casserole

Added: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 at 5:22pm by wendidawn
Related Tags: food recipe

 Made it tonight for supper and it was a success. Thought I might share.


Spray long casserole dish as this makes a large amount.  Cut up one can large biscuits into quarters place in dish, 

fry up some breakfast sausage(I used the roll of sausage), cook until no pink is showing. I put some butter in frying pan as some sausage gravy does not have much grease. You can decide for yourself.

When sausage is done, place most of sausage on a plate with paper towel to catch excess grease. Leave some grease and sausage in pan, I put about 1/2 cup or slightly more, of floue and made a rioux. Stir the flour taste out of it...Add milk to the pan that you are making rioux in. Let it thicken but stir it.  

Take 7 eggs, stir in a bowl, add milk , mix them up together.

Pour eggs over the biscuits as evenly as you can, 

Add shredded cheese, I used Colby Jack . Sprinkle all over

Pour sausage over the cheese, that you were draining

Next add the sausage gravy mixture, 

Add more cheese to the top

Place in oven 350 for about 1/2 hr.

You can mix this up the night before , then pop it oven for a breakfast casserole

I actually made it for supper. It makes enough for a co uple of meals.



User Comments

I'm hungry again.

This is a quick recipe Ken. LOL

Spicy Southern Kitchen is where I got this recipe from. It was posted on Fb. I didnt add a few spices they added. I think this one came out good.

Wendi, this sounds delicious, mmmm!

Thank you.

Do you deliver? {#yummy.gif}

hahaha, good one.

I'll be right over!

Ok, have plenty.

I hate sausage. But I can almost smell it and my tummy is rumbling. 😆
You’re as bad as Tess. Have you heard from her?

It is so good. Really, you know , I bet you could substitute hamburger gravy instead.

No, not a word. I heard someone say she was on FB though. Hope she is ok.

oh wow!!  That would really kick start a day, sounds delicious!!...{#yummy.gif}

I know and I have plenty of leftovers. lol

I'm back again wd.

I was worried about you. I wrote on your wall Are you ok? Glad you are here friend. 

Thank you very much Wendi. I'm very glad to be back with you.Of course I was unable to read your very kind wall message, but I certainly will.

It is nice when you are on here.

I have some of this and yes it is very good

I thought it was light and fluffy.

Thank you for posting it Sis. Wendi. I will make one modification. Since I don't do pork I will use Turkey sauage. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

Good, glad you can use this.

I had almost everything in the house for this and didn't know it. The kind of biscuits that I wanted, the store was out of them. I wanted buttermilk buscuits. But by Sunday I should be able to get some locally to bake and then I can make this. I think I am going to use the Mexican cheese mix and spice it up just a little. I will let you know how it turns out when I do make this next week. Bro. Doc

Oooh... sounds YUMMY!

And it didnt take long at all to make it.

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