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And here it comes.

Added: Sunday, January 16th 2022 at 11:31am by wendidawn
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On the way to Dulles, snow trucks, electric, road crews just waiting for this snow to start. It is right on time. Calling for the DC. area to start about one oclock and they were right on the money, in my area. It is snowing, just starting to lay a little bit .  It is cold too. Only 19 degrees.

The news is calling for a large amount, I think they might be right on this one. I hope everyone is safe and warm


User Comments

Enjoy your snow Wendi.  No snow here of course, so enjoy yours for me, lol.  They are calling for snow flurries in the northern part of my state, so I'm out of that range.

 It is nasty here. THose winds make it colder. Ice, winds, snow, rain, drifting. WOW. 

Be safe and stay warm!

Thank you Dani.

You're very welcome.


Ours is supposed to start in 2-1/2hrs... and it's supposed to give us 4-6". That's not much, but it's more than the total accumulation we've gotten up until now{#dancing6.gif}

I'm going out now to get some carryout before it starts. {#popc1.gif}

Be safe. The wind is making it worse.  Schools are all closed

hope all is safe

SO far we are good. thanks kats.

It just started here, though it's only coming down lightly right now. 

 There is another one this upcoming weekend, they are tracking.

Oh boy... I should have kept my mouth shut and complaining about not getting any snow this year. {#basic-undecided.gif}

haha Sometimes you get what you wish for... lol

Be careful what you wish for... uh huh. {#mouth-shut.gif}

I am glad your getting the snow. Bro. Doc

 Gee, thanks BrotherDocs. lol

As long as it isn't too much and it will be good for the summer when you need to water. Bro. Doc

True, we are watching another system for this weekend.

As long as you are not buried in snow, you will all do fine there.

People there are use to snow, but here in at least my part of Oregon we hardly get snow and when we do it causes some problems.

Nice to see it in the mountains. Glad it is there. Take care and enjoy the day. Bro. Doc

Thank You BrotherDocs, yes, we are used to it. lol 

I am still glad that I live close enough if I want to visit snow I can be there in an hour to Williamette Pass 65 miles east. Bro. Doc

Now that is good thinking.

It is. I can look down one of the roads since it goes through farmland and see the the Cascade Mountains and the snow up threre. 

Nice we are in a valley and we are 65 miles to the east to the Mountains and 65 west to the coast.

Take care. Bro. Doc

WOW.... sounds like a nice location.

We are a small city of 6,012 people and when you get about a 1 mile eat of town you are in country for about 8 miles then you start going into Eugene which is a big city and the County seat. But we have small towns all around us here. Nice to look up and see the mountains with snow. Bro. Doc

I can only imagine.

We have snow covered mountains, but snow is in the valley too. lol

In the early years 80's I lived in Denver Colorado for awhile and didn't like it. from Aug 81-Dec 84 and I cam back. Just too big of a place. Bro. Doc

I feel the same way. I prefer smaller towns.

You would like Oregon then we have lots of small town and  cities here. Bro. Doc

I probably would.

Some day I guess you will have to make a visit too Oregon. Bro. Doc

Nice idea. lol

I don't know if you have even seen the Oregon Coast from the Washington Boarder to the California Boarder on Hwy 101? If not that is the first part of the trip you should take. Bro. Doc

No, I havent unless it was on  tv .

Spring & Summer is the best time to do that. Maybe one day you will get oo. Bro. Doc

Yes, you never know.

Goggle Oregon and google Hiway 101 trip from Astoria to California Border.

When you see all this you will want to be in Oregon for a vacation. Bro. Doc

I guess it must be your turn.   We already had ours.  Stay warm!

Yep Maggie, I cant complain as we havent had to much fo fuss about. 

Be safe!

Thank you.


How much snow did you end up with? I'm just about ready to step outside to measure how much we got. {#basic-cool.gif}

 SOmeone said, it was only about 4 inches, but it is the ice and the wind. All the backroads are nothing but ice.

I think we swapped weather. We got the foot of snow you were expecting, and you got our 4". Our forecast is calling for 40 degrees and rain on Wednesday... that should be a mess!!! {#basic-angry.gif}

I wish the cold weather would go away.

Yeah, I'm done with this cold and gray crap already. If it were a respectably winter, it would have acted right and snowed when we wanted it... like on CHRISTMAS!!!

LOL!!! I am so done with this stuff too. It is fun at times, and pretty. Now, I am over it.

After Christmas... I'm just no longer in the mood for it{#cool2.gif}

Me either and it is calling for more tonight.

Ours is calling for some at 7PM and that's it. But it's 44 now, so I'm not worried. AND... all the snow that was left where he plowed, has melted and it's nothing but nice clean concrete now. 

Good luck there...

Thank you. It was supposed to be in the 40's here today and it was so sunny for awhile.

The west coast got snow and the rest of the country didn't. It's your turn and we aren't even getting rain now.

 I know it has been a weird weather pattern. Yep, it is our turn now.

My friend in Canada said 2feet of snow

Oh my, I can only imagine. Wow!!!

Keep safe over there Wendi.

Thank you Jaddie.

I hope you are fine now.

Thank you Marissa.

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