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Am feeling it today

Added: Sunday, September 27th 2020 at 3:33pm by wendidawn
Related Tags: exercise

I went shopping yesterday . I walked over  seven thousand steps. Thought I was up for it , found out how out of shape I am. Whew. We were gone about 7 hrs, went to about 5 different stores, had breakfast before we left at fast food place.

As soon as I got home, sat down and that is when my feet starting hurting on top of my foot though. Not on the bottom. Left leg hurt too. Today, I just want to rest. Nothing ached on me while I was moving but it caught up with me as I relaxed.

I need to keep doing this though, for the exercise.

I started Christmas shopping  yesterday. Want to get ahead of the season, as am trying to schedule vacation for Tenn. around Nov. 

User Comments

Its funny Wendi.  Muscles we never knew we had start aching like crazy til you can barely move.  As it cools off, I too, wanna get back into walking.

What parts of TN are you planning for?  I have vacationed there 5 times and I love it!  Such a beautiful state and so many things to do.  If I could relocation tomorrow, that would be my go-to state.  Fall is so beautiful over there.  I'm so jealous, lol.

 Gaitlinburg. Want to visit the Smokeys, get a cabin and just what you said, watch the leaves turning. They say, it is beautiful at this time of year, I have been there 3 times already but not once in the Fall. Spring once and summer twice. 


I love it too. So beautiful. 

Gatlinburg....three times for me there.  I love that town. So many things to do there!  Get your walking shoes ready!  We had also gone to Memphis and Nashville.  

The Fall is to die for.  You will love it. The Smokey's are breathtaking.  There are hiking trails all over the place.  If you get the chance, visit Clingman's Dome.  Its in Gatlinburg and up in that dome, you are on the borders of TN and NC. The arial views up there are fabulous.  You'll have a wonderful time no matter where you go.

 Thanks Dani. I appreciate the advice.

You're very welcome. I hope you have a wonderful time.  

 Thank you.

Even if you don't go anywhere you can walk to blocks a day and that will help Sis. Wendi. Bro Doc

 Thanks BrotherDocs, I need to keep up with this.

We all do I am afraid. Bro. Doc


I'm rooting for ya. {#apploud.gif} Tennessee is gorgeous... nice destination choice. 

A solid red state?


You tell me...

 Thank You. I want to go back to the Black Bear Jamboree. It is a Dinner/Theatre.

 I dont know.

 Are you getting ready for that cold that we are supposed to get? After, tomorrow we are dropping to the sixty's for the rest of the week. I am assuming that you get it too.

Starting tomorrow we're going to have a week of temps in the 50s & 60s.

 I thought so.

Trouble in Paradice-eee?

In Tennessee, we have an electorate of nearly 4.9 million people. How many voted for Trump in the 2016 general election? A total of 1,522,925. That’s only 31 percent of all adults eligible to vote. Not even one in three.

Trump took the majority of the votes cast. But nearly 2.4 million eligible citizens didn’t vote. Voter turnout in the state is one of the worst in the country.

Is it because we are always labeled a Republican stronghold? Does that make left-leaning voters stay home, thinking the election is a foregone conclusion? Or right-leaning voters forgo the election, also thinking there is no chance Republicans could lose? If yes, then our red-state reputation is doing us a disservice.

 Huh, something to think about.

This is exactly what happened to Oregon:

"Or right-leaning voters forgo the election, also thinking there is no chance Republicans could lose? If yes, then our red-state reputation is doing us a disservice."

We have been blue for decades because of this and because of blue cheating.

 Yep, if Dems cant win on their own, they do anything to hold power. Anything. Even sell their souls.

I pray for 'em to be saved...Hell is too awful for ANY human...

You are doing what you are supposed to do by praying for them.

Enjoy that vacation! And definitely do the walking in preparation for it! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  Thanks river, good advice. I was so stiff yesterday. Today, doing better.

My left leg hurt when I shop and walk 7 hours too. Ia carry my wallet in my left pantspocket and whith all that shopping my wallet takes such a beating my leg aches too. ;)

 Yes, and lugging this heavy pocketbook around doesnt help either. lol

Rest up today, and take the exercise gently.

 Thanks Sandra, I realize that I no Spring Chicken anymore. lol

Rock climbing. All else is bollox.

 Oh no, I cant see me doing that. I am to clumsy.. lol

Then rock climb vicariously? Meditate on this?:

Athletic rock climber royalty free stock photos

Oh my goodness... Look at that strength,

Well. One hopes it's genuine strength. Rather than a bloke with a loveliest physique merely standing on a pedestal and feigning to grip a f*ing rock. Either way, nice to behold.

 hahaha, I had not thought of this. You could be right.

My feet and legs are in a constant world of hurt.  I can walk for a little distance, but then will have to sit down.

I know I need exercise, but my favorite was walking, and I can no longer do much of that.

 I hear you ellie. I know what you mean. Sorry, to hear this though.

You {#arrow_go.gif} GIRL!

 Thanks maggie.

I had gotten away from my exercise routine but finally kept it up. Once I got up to speed there I started physical combat that's now been killin' me for weeks lol..

Hey, I used to live in Tenn. Also visited many times too. Have you ever been to Mama's? If not, don't miss it....    right off the main strip. I love that place and go there every time....


I have not been there, thank you though, I will keep this in mind.

It is easy to get out of shape, but feel better mentally and physcially once we get back into it 

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