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MEN: How well do you know women?

Added: Thursday, August 15th 2013 at 11:02pm by welcometomylife

47 Responses Created by welcometomylife on August 15, 2013


When a woman says, " Sure honey, you can go", what does she really mean?

  • Don't go
  • I'm alright with you going


If a woman says, "I don't care, do whatever you want." What does she really mean?

  • She does care, and doesn't want you to do what you want.
  • She really doesn't care, and wants you to do what you want.


How often do we shave our legs? (99% of women)

  • Everyday.
  • Only when we will be wearing shorts/ going swimming/occasion that someone will notice.
  • Never.
  • Summertime only.


Do we like it when you join us in the shower?

  • Absolutely!
  • Every now and then, we like our only 10 min of quiet, alone time per day.
  • Never!


Spooning and slowly "humping" our bottoms.

  • Total turn on!
  • Total turn off, I'm trying to sleep
  • On rare occasion, it's a turn on, but there are "better ways" of turning me on.


We say, "my back hurts" for what reason?

  • We like to complain.
  • It's such immense pain, that we just want you to be aware.
  • We want you to give us a back massage.


When we show you how to do something, such as housework, we mean?

  • We didn't know if you knew how and wanted to teach you something new.
  • We want you to do it right, AND help out doing it.


When we say, "I'm starving, are you hungry?"

  • We mean, just a simple question, are you hungry?
  • We mean, you should cook dinner tonight/ take me out, or pick something up.


When we start crying, what should you do?

  • Try to come up with a solution to the reason we are crying.
  • Come hold us, listen, and wipe away our tears.
  • Just stay silent and wait till it ends, and break the silence with changing the subject.


What is romance to a woman?

  • Having sex, then cuddling.
  • Staying home, eating a candle-lit dinner, watching a movie and cuddling

User Comments

I got one out of ten. Let's get it on.

Wow, gee thanks... LOL. I'm guessing you are SINGLE!! LOL

Wrong. Just saying yes goes a long way for us non-clairvoyants.

Ha I guess so.. LOL. Well with a woman, just let us think that we are "right" all the time, and answer accordingly to what would benefit us, not necessarily because we are selfish. Just like the test, of if the sentence, "Woman without her man is nothing" is written, where would the punctuation be?

The men wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing."

The women wrote: "Woman! Without her, man is nothing."

Haha! It's true, self interest rules. When that jet went down, all the avian wanted to know was the name of the goose that got caught in the engine.

Haha, agreed. 

Hey how are you?

I got two  out of 10 right. 



Lol, well 2 wrong is good. Really, they are pretty much all go by, "What would be best for the woman in this scenario", because we tend to want our way...... :P

I got 3 wrong but i feel they are right.   Lol

Well, that's good. In cases, they still could be right. Depending on your woman's mood. HEHE. Anything and everything is subject to change, and be complicated with us.

guess I know women...got # 6 and 8 right....{#basic-smile.gif}

nice! :) haha, guess so! :)


8/10 right! And I'm single! Woot woot! {#flag.gif}{#flag.gif}

Nice! Well, at least you know how to make a woman happy, by understanding her :)

Yes, that's right!!

8/10 and I'm not even married. 

Nice, good job :) Well, I am sorry to hear that, one day :) Take your time. Gotta find the right one that you love enough to put up with.

9/10!!! I guess being raised by a single mom, having five sisters, and being the only boy did me some good!

Heck yeah! ;) :P

I'm slacking, got 70% right. Not as young as I use to be! lol Great post!  Thanks for sharing! :-)

Ha, well all women are unpredictable as you may know.. Therefore anything sometimes goes. :) Thanks!

I have always know that women mean romance as staying home, eating a candle-lit dinner, watching a movie and cuddling. Girls, watch out we know you and are ready to give you our 100%

haha! Right! :)

I got half wrong and I'm female

Well that's how it goes.. haha, everyone is different, but on a poll these were the answers I got.. :P for the most part. :)

..I got them all, maybe I need to get my haircut?!!      *:D big grin

...ERROR :- I got eight, so I'll keep my hair long!

haha, that's funnny. well missing one is better than missing all :)

Oops. I tried. Guess that explains why I'm single-ish

Well every girl is different... Some like different things, but this just explains that to us, Yes means yes, unless it means no, and no means no, but sometimes yes. I don't know a girl to this day that can make up her mind 100% of what she wants :P

Got one wrong.. haha (i know it says men, but i wanted to do it.) on the crying one i am one to if you touch me when i am upset i'll hit you... so haha everyones differnt :P

Haha, :) well that is always how it goes... haha, every girl is different, and bi-polar and crazy. So really, I am sure, depending on the situation if I was crying I would probably throw a few punches too.. But then again, I would do that if they changed the subject, or really if they did anything... LOL

haha yeah true, true. But the survey did seem pretty accurate. 

;)) thanks ;)

haha some of these are somewht annoying {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

This is true.. But all in all girls are pretty unpredictable.. lol

haha yeah - and all in all girls are generally pretty nice people {#basic-cool.gif}


sheesh thanks... lol. You're just upset that you didn't get any right... :)

i have actually been happier without my wife since i divorced her, i did all the house work laundry everything for 14 years, the only thing she did was work.

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