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How well do you know your Geography?

Added: Saturday, March 16th 2013 at 11:30am by welcometomylife
Related Tags: geography, fun, places

37 Responses Created by welcometomylife on March 16, 2013


Where is Ephesus located?

  • Egypt
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Turkey
  • Bolivia


Where is the Bohemian Forest?

  • Albania
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Cambodia
  • Finland
  • Austria


Where is the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument located?

  • Netherlands
  • Austraila
  • Cambodia
  • Utah
  • New Mexico
  • Mexico


Where is Mt. Everest?

  • Angola
  • Tanzania
  • Nepal-Tibet
  • Bahrain
  • Guatemala
  • New Zealand


Where is Machu Picchu?

  • Philippenes
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Guam
  • Mexico
  • Peru


Where is the Eiffel Tower?

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Portugal

User Comments

Nice! Ha, I was going to make it longer, then didn't obviously haha. :) Good Job!



Some of the questions are very easy like mt. Everest... Thanks anyway...

The first one will be easier than the next :) you never know how much  others know

 Also, Mt. Everest got 2/9 wrong. 2 voted it was in New Zealand, so ya never know.


Very surprising...  Then, ask Mont Blanc the next time...:)

ha, right! ;)

5 out of 6.  I can live with that.


wow I must know more than I realise lol 5 out of 6 yes i can live with


Well...I can't say that I passed geography with flying colors, but I can say that I knew where the Eiffel Tower was :) 

Thats awesome, I sadly have friends that would have NO idea. haha.

Okay I got two wrong, but I still think I suck at geography. My score was more a testament of how good I am at multiple choice tests.


4 outta 6..  However, I take comfort in the fact that my incorrect guesses were the most incorrectly guessed. I truly thought the bohemian forest was in Germany and I guessed Egypt on Ephesus but my 2nd guess was Turkey haha..   Ahh well, I've learned something today. Fun quiz, thanks!

Nice job!! :) Thanks for taking it :)

Well... At least I finished strong.

Good Job!

I got two wrong as well, including one I KNOW because it's on my bucket list of "spiritual ruins" to visit, Machu Pichu.

Oh no! Awe, yeah Machu Pichu is great :P


3/6 haha. I suck :p

:P That's alright. ;) If they were places I haven't been, I bet I'd suck at it toooooo :)

Guess I don't know my geography as well as I should.  But I never heard of the Tent Rocks, or the Bohemian Forest, or Ephesus.  Too bad I'm not a better guesser. 

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