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Where Web Designers Go Wrong?

Added: Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 at 9:29pm by webdesignprice45
Related Tags: seo, business

What is it that the web designers make mistake in? The web design might seem perfect but there are some mistakes that are a hindrance to the websites fame and search engine ranking. These are like not including the tags and filing the descriptions tags and others for better on page SEO.

The web pages themselves are static n nature. But these are made dynamic by the functions and features on them. There are mistakes made in the design and looks, and compatibility etc.

The compatibility mistakes:

When you are looking a page of printed paper then it will look different than what it is on the computer in the softcopy form. This is why you cannot just the printed layout of the website and make it look just as it was. The browsers will not display every time the website same. The web design might be not that good when it is printed that way.

There are many web designer’s which may not test the website’s design for all the browsers, the safari, the Google chrome Firefox and IE, these are a few and there are more too. One must test after developing a website that it opens the same way in every web browser. So avoid this mistake if you are the webs designer and if you are looking for the web design team to do a job for you ask them to test and then show you too before making it live.

The SEO mistake:

Then the next mistake that I told on the very first paragraph was that the web design team might make is not to include the keywords and phrases in the META tags. So it must be made sure that they did include the tags and filled them properly with proper words and phrases which are useful for your business.

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