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Total Silliness! The Remake

Added: Wednesday, November 16th 2011 at 3:17pm by walkoffwin
Related Tags: parody

This will be my 50th post here on Blogster! Now, I don't expect any wild cheering to break out, or to have a big party thrown in my honor, and then a statue of me unveiled for posterity to admire for the next 100 years. Hmm... posterity. Now there's one of those words that I find interesting. It reminds me of another word - posterior, which means that which follows ... Posterior can also mean your behind, which makes sense, because since your behind is always behind you, it's always following the front of you, or your anterior.

So if two guys get into a horse costume, one will be the front of the horse, or the anterior, and the other will be the back end of the horse, or the posterior. So in this example, posterior really means "horse's ass", and again, also that which follows ... Now, going back to my original word posterity, which means all that follows , that means "a statue of me could be unveiled for all the horse's asses to admire, for the next 100 years. Which would not only be a fitting tribute to me, but also to all of Blogster as well.

But since no statue of me is going to be unveiled here, for something as trivial as writing my 50th post, everything I've just said has been nothing more than trivial pursuit, and all of it should be quickly forgotten.

But now that we have left all that behind us, let us move forward, and on to more total silliness!


This is just the sort of silliness that I'm talking about! Although since we are dealing with total silliness tonight, this is just only one example of the infinite varieties of silliness that you may find here tonight. Consider this an ongoing project, as more silliness is exposed and added to my collection. My work is just as unfinished as my endless pursuit of total silliness, which shall now continue...

Now this is pretty silly! This is our dog Bo, begging for spaghetti! He loves the stuff!

You thought I was kidding, didn't you... Nope, not at all!

He really DOES love spaghetti! And he goes after it, like a four legged furry fish after a worm!


Stay tuned... there's more silliness to come!

Yes, this is just plain SILLY!!! But I like it! :-)

This woman has been reported to be near your town, and she wants to cut off all your hair! Which is why she has that unnatural gleam in her eyes, and that diabolical little smile. She is very EVIL!!! So please be very careful and lock all your doors and windows tonight.

BUT... if you hear three quick taps on your bedroom window, then wait exactly 30 seconds, and then hear three more quick taps, well that will be me, and if you would like some more excitement and thrills in your life, well then let me in. Lol ;-)



A long time ago, I got real drunk and wanted a pizza really bad, so I tried to call 411 for the phone number of a pizza place - but dialed 911 instead. Operator asks "What is your emergency?" I say, "No emergency here; I just wanna order a pizza!" Then I hung up and forgot all about the pizza...

Cops show up bangin' on my door! One yells "You call 911?" I say "Yeah, but I wanted a pizza. You bringin' it to me?" Other cop says "No! And there’s no law against being drunk and stupid in your own home, so we're leavin' now!" Never did get that pizza...


And now, for something completely different!



Let's talk about sex. And no, I'm not saying that just to get your attention. For some reason, sex and comedy are closely related in the way my mind works. Mention sex, and often my mind starts creating jokes... But I try my best to not laugh while having sex, because I've found that for some reason, most women really hate that! But sometimes stand up comedy reminds me of stand up sex.

Stand up sex can produce some unintended comedy if you're not careful... and end up having "fall down sex"! Other people might think it's really funny, even if you and she don't at the time. But you'll laugh about it later - or maybe just never see each other again.

I had fall down sex once... Let me see if I can describe this, without going too far out of bounds. I was standing up while she was starting to kneel, when suddenly she lost her balance and started to fall backwards. She tried to stop her fall by grabbing the closest thing in front of her - as in MY thing!

In the instant I realized what was happening, I was truly terrified, because I knew that my thing wasn't designed to break the fall of a 110 pound female! Something had to give, and I sure as hell didn't want it to be me! So fighting for my sexual survival, I started to fall forward as she was falling backwards with me still firmly in her grasp.

We ended up doing a perfect joint somersault together... and both landed safely and unharmed. (Thank God!) If it was an Olympic event, the judges would have scored it a 9.5!

As we lay there on the carpet, at first she had this shocked expression on her face... and then she started to laugh. And laugh, and really laugh, and laugh so hard - that she was having trouble breathing, and starting to turn blue! I thought we might have to call 9-1-1 after all!

But she eventually calmed down and was capable of normal respiration again. I didn't think it was so funny, cuz I nearly got maimed for life! But hey, she was young, so I patiently explained to her what the male anatomy could and couldn't do, as well as safe handling procedures...

User Comments

Now that is very expressive Nota! May I ask what it is? Lol

LOL! Fireworks of course! This was taken in London on the river Thames.

And are they celebrating my 50th post with fireworks in London, on the river Thames? Why, I had no idea!!! Lol!

Of course they are! They are very impressed by your blog!

Sydney is joining also!

Well I'm very honored! But... OMG!!! WHY AM I SUDDENLY HAVING Y2K FLASHBACKS!?!?!

LOL! I have no idea....did you digress backwards? LOL!

Nope... I'm fine now, and I'm just enjoying all the pretty lights in the sky! :-)

I've been furiously working on your statue for the past hour or so.  I thought about doing something similar to Rodin's "The Thinker."  But since nude pictures are frowned upon here at blogster I did a more modernistic type of presentation.

Oh....and here are your cheerleaders!

Why thanks Kat! I think that you did well! And even your Cheerleader is cheering me up! Even if she needs her hairs done! Lol ;-)

You have been on Blessed Lunatics wall too much!!!!

Huh??? Who??? {#blue_spin.gif} {#blue_spin.gif} {#blue_spin.gif}

The "Total Silliness! The Remake" post is finished for tonight. Please enjoy! :-)



'and all of it should be quickly forgotten.' If you insist

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