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A Guide to Melbourne Brothels

Added: Thursday, March 30th 2023 at 8:10am by vsevolad56pa

GLASSON, Lucy, Koorootang, wife of Rev. Henry, who was 87 years old. She asks police in 1905 to force Percy Edward HUBBARD, who was at Carlton, to support their daughter, his wife, and four children. GILBERT, Ada, 15 years old in 1898, gives birth to illegitimate child at Epping; is in service to Edward TOUBURN and wife, who adopt it. Police suspect he is father.
In 1916 she asked police to locate him; found in NSW, living with another woman. His relatives pressure her not to take legal action. GILCHRIST, Mrs. M., Sydney, widow, journalist, wrote in 1916 re her only son D.L., engaged to Marie POWELL, and hasn’t answered her letters. File notes she was divorced from Gilchrist, a former chairman on the Stock Exchange and married again to – ALEXANDER but uses the name FANNING.

Fenton is 38 years, born Victoria. FEHLBERG, Harina nee SPRUTH, wife of Friedr, and mother of John Carl. Sought by German Consul in connection with a deceased estate in 1913.
WE ARE HIRING Do you exhibit style, flair and finesse? Are you professional with a strong focus on exceptional client relations? Is it time for you to shine and live your best life? Executive Liaisons is a NEW and HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE escort agency opening now across Australia and we are looking for only the most ELITE team to take care of clients.

GUNSTON, Mary Ann nee WICKHAM, Brunswick, attempted suicide in 1910; husband Henry says suffering from cancer. GUINNEY, Elizabeth, Waterloo, Sydney, wrote in 1909 re her husband Simon, wanted for child desertion. He was c35 years, Irish, labourer, believed in Ballarat. GRISDALE, Wilfred, reported missing by wife Mary Ann, Woods Point, in 1897.
Recent reports suggest you can expect to pay around $115 for 30 minutes or $220 for a full hour. They also offer adult relaxation services from $55 and can accommodate many unusual requests and fetishes as long as you discuss these in advance. Situated just a 10-minute drive to the north of the CBD, Le Boudoir has a mixture of sexy Australia and European ladies, with up to 8 working in the prime spots on Fridays and Saturdays. Originally opening in 1997, Le Boudoir was Melbourne’s first boutique style ‘short-stay’ hotel and is a high-quality bordello offering some of the finest international courtesans.

Melbourne’s ‘hottest full service brothel’, the California Club is a premium value, high class establishment. Prices are pretty reasonable for the area and you can get a quick 20-minutes service starting from $100 with standard rates for other durations. Though primarily known as an Asian brothel, you can also find ladies of other nationalities here including Kiwis, Aussies and Europeans.
Copy of Rules on file, 3 pages, List 53. FIELD, Thomas H., Bendigo, wrote in 1917 seeking re-admission in the police force, a returned soldier, 45 years. FERRIER, C., Lockhart, NSW, wrote in 1917 re daughter Catherine, supposed to be in Melbourne, underage.
Her mother is also living with a Chinese gardener. GRAHAM, George A., wrote from Redfern Sydney in 1896 re his brother William, a signwriter and decorator, not heard from for 2 years, believed to be in Victoria. He has seen a report of a death; not his brother.

Is a scenic painter, formerly employed at the Wax Works in Bourke Street. FLEMING, Mrs Mary, Brisbane Qld, wrote in 1910 re William R. BLAKE, to whom she lent a large amount of money, described. He is practicing as a dentist; brother in law is THOMOSITTO, a baker.
VERLIN of Bairnsdale, asks Minister to find somewhere for them to go. Agreed they will go to Bendigo Benevolent Home under police escort. GORDON, George Eric, charged with murder of Richard and Catherine CLEMENTS at Bullumwaal, Gippsland in 1928. And subsequently found guilty. A very large file, with photos of both the victims and offender’s homes.

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