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Greatest Online Video Maker Tools

Added: Sunday, February 26th 2017 at 12:10pm by videomoviemaker

You can choose characters and then it animates it for you. It's quite in-depth. We built one, wrote the script, tweaked it, I had a little go with some camera angles because you can put in some camera angles in there.

Going back to Extranormal, you can choose different characters. These aren't the only ones. I think you can pay for those but the ones we used were free.

MWV is something we use quite extensively for our web video production Melbourne tasks. It's an excellent resource to get stock footage, like stock photos, stock videos, stock flash intros, audio if you need a sound track, royalty free soundtracks, things like that. You can use a free audio software as well.

Make Web Video we use all the time. For example, we bought a piece of animation for free trading systems, a website that ranks number one to trading systems. It's just a flash intro, and then we incorporated our logo on top of it, so it looks like it's ours. So it sounds like it's built in with a bit of music. I think I might have it embedded, so we'll see.

It's simple. Something like that doesn't cost a lot, and it adds that little bit of extra professionalism. So check out MWV. What you do there, you buy credits, and then you put it towards whatever you're downloading. You can get different levels too; you can get an HD version, you can get one that's specific for the web.

Audacity, this is a free piece of software which is obviously for audio. It can be used along with your online video maker. What you can do with Audacity is you can cut and paste audio, you can snip up material, you can get rid of people saying um. You can change the pitch and tone within files. You can clean up any audio that you have, and it's open source, it's free, it's easy to use as well.


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