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Reflections on a birthday

Added: Monday, November 29th 2021 at 10:29am by VickieCollins
Related Tags: memory, old people, history, new age, fun

Tomorrow morning at approximately 7:30Am, I will celebrate the 68th anniversity of my birth.  It is funny wording it that way since most of the time just call that anniversity their birthday, but I think a different turn of phrase in a good thing from time to time...so 68th Anniversity of my birth..it is.

in many ways, I can't believe I am at this point in my life. In fact, often I tend to think I am still a kid.  Those are times when I think back over events in my life and can't get my head wrapped around the idea that this particular thing happened 50 years ago, like my father's death.  Then there is my mother's death in 2002, and that is over 19 years ago now, and she was such a presense in my life that I can't believe she has been done almost 20 years.  Just doesn't seen possible. The same feeling applies to my retirement and move to New Orleans.  THAT was 8 years, the larger part of a decade ago...doesn't seem real since I worked for almost 40 years in the same company and now I have been gone 8 years.

Other times, however, it comes crashing into my psycho that I really am that old.  My aunts and uncles have all passed away and I have lost 3 of my cousins if you count both sides of the family that is 3 out of 18.  Of course two of them were on my "favorite" list so they are the very ones that I would miss the most.  My only long term SO has been dead for 16 years now.

My memory is also changing. I remember a time when I knew the birthdays, or at least the age of my mother and every one of her brothers and sisters. Now, the only way I can figure what their ages would be is scanning back to my mother, when she born and how much age difference there was between. I can't even remember the day and not sure of the month when my mother died, I know it was in the spring of 2002 but no longer know the date, and since my papers that told me that information were hit by a water issue in my apartment, I would have to go back to the mortuary in Nashville and ask for the date of her death. That same goes for my SO and that was in 2016.

What is fun, sort of, is determining the age that each uncle and age died...takes a lot of finger counting and addiing and subtracting with my mother's age and the difference...and even then I have to sometimes "call the roll" as in X was 3 years younger than mom, but Bonnie was 8...and so forth.

The fun of getting older. And it is not just the physical issues that change...darn  it.  Although that even things like the healing process seem to take longer.

Wish me luck on remembering. I sometimes wonder what the next thing will be that I will forget.

User Comments

wow....in less than 18 hours, I will celebrate the 68th anniversity of my birth.  A real milestone, doncha think?


Time does fly as they say. I keep telling my cousins that we are now the age that we used to make fun of older relatives being. 

But as long as my 96 year old aunt is still around, we aren't the old ones in the family yet...LOL

Well, you are still the baby.  LOL  I have about 7 or 8 cousins that are at least a tad older, but I think the oldest of them is likely about 86.


Happy 68th anniversary of your birth, hope you have a fantastic birthday and best wishes for many more.....{#add_best_wishes.gif}{#add_best_wishes.gif}{#add_best_wishes.gif}

thank you...although I don't know that you will get this message back.  :)  Thanks for adding to my response here.

Happy Birth Anniversary Day!! You've lived a lot of life 💙

Yep...a lot of time...a lot of events.  :)

Happy Birthday!!

Actually you are celebrating the 69th anniversary of your birth!! (But don't hate me because I am only 21 and a half! Just count how many February 29ths there have been since 1936!)

Thanks for your clarification... :)  Not sure that's right...but ok, maybe I am wrong.

Yeah, yeah, I know, you are a "young man and can not leave your mother".  I get it...LOL

Think about it---when you are 1 year old you start the second year the next day--you have already been alive for a year---my Chinese neighbor has been trying to sell that idea to me for a decade!! LOL

I believe the Chinese count the time in the womb.  So for him that is the way he sees it.  We silly Amreicans count from when we do a to-da into the world outside. LOL


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