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Queen Charlotte (the Netflix show and a bit of real history)

Added: Thursday, May 25th 2023 at 1:56am by VickieCollins

I have seeing the show "Bridgerton" popping up on Netflix from time to time but never really got into.  However, recently there was a prequel introduced with a series that was composed of six episodes.  It was of the much younger Queen Charlotte from when she married King George III.  That is the man from which the United States declared its independence and was referred to on occasion as "mad King George".

Queen Charlotte was a real person and was married to King George.  She was not black , being simply German while many of the spouses in the English Royal Family (including Prince Philip in the last generation), but most of the story is true or close enough.  It shows that George had issues, and the information was kept from her.  Once she found out however, she was apparently strong enough to keep George happy and healthy enough to product 15 offspring.

I found the story moving and found myself cheering Charlotte on at many points during the series.  I am now considering that perhaps, it  might be worth it to go back and watch Bridgeton, which is now a series of two seasons, and see where all the story goes.

I do know, already, that Charlotte and George were the grandparents of at least two future rulers of England, including Queen Victoria who ruled for about 67 years.  Quite a legacy.  

Oh, and new research suggests that the illness King George suffered from was NOT, as so many once believed, a mental or nervous condition but actually a  brain and body chemistry that was in fact physical.  It affected his brain function and his body.  But then, I already believe that most of what we call mental illness is actually has a body chemistry cause.

User Comments

Watching one series to prepare for another?!!

Oh boy. {#basic-money-mouth.gif}

Thanks for your comment.

I LOVED "Queen Charlotte"!!  I hope she (the younger one) is in the "Bridgerton" sequels AND I would like to see a prequel regarding King George (though a better actor is needed!)

The older one is  in Bridgeton, but over the years much has changed.  I wonder if 
George was supposed to be a short run and therefore they didn't worry too much about his character...but yes, a sequel, or maybe a prequel about George would be good.

To see how he grew up perhaps.

He has an interesting history!

The one who plays the older Charlotte has stolen the series so far!

yes, I agree.  She makes the others jump though the hoops...LOL

Vickie, email me at badoyzfb@yahoo.com

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