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New Rendition of Star Trek

Added: Thursday, June 30th 2022 at 9:29pm by VickieCollins

Most of us are familar with Star Trek.  Starting with the original, there have been revisits to the universe created with James Kirk, Spock and all the iconic characters.  After the original Star Trek, there have been other shows ampifing on that theme with Star Trek: New Generation and Picard.  In addition, there have been a whole series of movies on the same theme.

Well, in 2022, there is another launch of a brand new story.  In this one,  called Strange New Worlds, we go back to the beginning.  We heard about Captain Pike at various times, but this show moves Captain Pike onto center states.  The Enterprise has a crew that includes Spock, a much younger Spock, with Sam Kirk, whom I suspect to be James' father.

In this series, we find part of the struggle that the Federation has gone though to get where it was in Star Trek.  They are still in a situation with the Romulans and the Klingons as enemies.  The war that was fought and the peace that was achieved with the Klingons is yet to come about.  However, there are two other races that there is a lot of prejudice agains.

One of them is the Gorn.  They are a Reptilian race and laid their eggs in the bodies of other races.  Now sure how or if that conflict gets resolved, altought maybe we will find out if the series continues past the first season.  The other is a civilization that has a tradition of doing something, within their own civilization, that the Federation has a prejudice agains.  We see the beginning of the resolution of that within this season.

I see this series providing the back story for the enlightened society that we found in Star Trek and the other series that came after it.  A sort of "what did they come from" typle scenario.

This series is to be found on Amazon Prime as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. If you are a Star Trek Fan, I would recommend checking it out.


User Comments

A new look at the create and ethics of Star Trek: how they got where they were.

They do jump all over the place to keep the franchise going don't they.

I am so used to the other, more future, series, that it took me a while to grow to appreciate this one.


AJ who used to post here--is now on facebook--is MY expert on Star Trek and Star Wars!!  He just came back from a "Star Trek" cruise---I can't tell one from the other!! LOL

LOL....I can, in fact part of that may be the fact that I never really go into Star Wars.  I perfer the attitude of Star Trek.  It was the one that had a Black woman on it in a time when that was less often done.

It was, in some ways, ahead of its time.

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