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a busy week with Visitors

Added: Sunday, March 24th 2019 at 4:52pm by VickieCollins
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On wednesday or so of last week, I got a call from my best work friend from my days at the phone factory.  She and I had sat across the aisle from each other and got to be pretty friends with me going to her house for some of the holidays in the last few years.  She was coming, with her husband, daughter and two grand daughters to New Orleans.

She stayed in a nice hotel, on the top floor in downtown NO snd went on a walking tour the morning of the first full day they were here.  They only stayed somewhere around 48 hours, which I told them was not enough time to really enjoy the city, but they seemed happen with those 48 hours.  Thursday afternoon, I met them for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and then took them on another walking tour.

We went inside St Louis Cathredral, although we only got to stay about a few seconds as they were trying to close.  The two of them (the daughter and granddaughers were somewhere else) got to see the inside of the really spectular building, which they only seen the outside of that morning.

We then went to the RiverWalk where we basically looked at the river, which Mr R wanted to do and then walked to the "flea market" part of the French Market, which Mrs R wanted to see.

After that, we were pretty tired and ready to go back to the hotel, where I started for a couple to three more hours and told them some of the legands of New Orleans.

Then, on friday, I found out that my first real friend here in New Orleans had come back from Philly for her 50th high school reunion, and yesterday, the afternoon was spend with her and another friend.

It is funny that these are first two visits i have had since moving to New Orleans, and both happened in the same week.

User Comments

A week of visits...

I've been to New Orleans twice and the second time there was a few of us and one knew a local couple who took us in hand.

It's different seeing the area with a local as you go to better (and cheaper costing) places then what the tourists will experience in the French Quarter.


Very true, and often the food is waaay better too.  I used to go to a Chinese restaurant in the quarter when i visited the city that I wouldn't go to now that I live here on a bet...lol

Sounds like a good week :-)

yep,.it was.

there's a saying that goes..."it never rains but it pours"....lol.   That happens but what a joy to see your friends again and to be able to share NO with them..{#basic-laugh.gif}

I wish I had had more time with both, but especially the  one from Nashville, but it is what it is.

Couldn't be a nicer way to spend a few days. Nice to see people you like and haven't seen in a while. Glad you enjoyed yourself

actually I loved it, although for some reason it seems to have tired me out,.,but then hanging in their hotel room was fun too...and I got to tell 'em my version of the NO legends...LOL

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