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Waiting for the Dominoes to Fall

Added: Monday, February 17th 2020 at 2:18pm by us2nomads
Category: News & Issues
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 February 17, 2020 Waiting for the dominos to fall — in Trump's second term

By Dawn Merrill

Have you ever seen one of those elaborate domino displays, where an intricate pattern of upright dominos has been patiently constructed over days, or even weeks, only to fall in seconds, or minutes, by the lightest touch at any juncture? They are a glorious sight to behold, elegant, beautiful, the result of meticulous planning and by-necessity perfection in execution.If, while constructing such a marvel, the smallest mistake is made, the entire structure collapses, and the endeavor must be started over.

In politics, unlike in dominos, there may not be time to start over. This brings us to the Deep State and the 2020 presidential election. For the last three, going on four, years, we have watched as a clearly dual system of justice has been applied to our governing class. Democrats and Leftists can do and say anything and get a slap on the wrist. Republicans and conservatives, especially Trump-supporting Republicans and conservatives, will be punished disproportionately for the slightest error, and without mercy.

The rule of law, defined throughout our history as having been granted at the hands of our Creator, has been bifurcated and is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Meanwhile, the rule of man ascends in direct contravention to the Founders' intent.

Only one man, and one amazing phenomenon, stands now athwart the destruction of the American experiment: President Donald John Trump and the millions of us who stand behind him. Like him or hate him, he is the bulwark against socialism, communism, and the utterly destructive forces of the left. He is the domino that refuses to fall. His re-election is the only thing that will keep this country from going over the edge.

Moreover, President Trump's re-election means the gloves come off. This is very, very important. Donald J. Trump the civilian clearly had dreams of the presidency from the time he was a young man. It's all on record. But having never held office before being elected president, he was, frankly, a political neophyte. Expecting acceptance and cooperation, he was instead met with incredible animosity and refusal (since "resistance" must now be used in quotation marks). Despite having had his hands tied by nefarious NeverTrumps and Democrats, his every move challenged, President Trump has been an extremely successful president.

His largest flaw has been his lack of experience, showing most glaringly in poor staffing decisions. But this may be about to change and change yuuuugely. Because President Trump may have been a neophyte three years ago, but he most certainly isn't one now. This is why we must now wait. Wait as the dominos are being set up to fall. Why we must keep our faith. All we need to do is re-elect him, and it will be no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Think about this very carefully. We want to see, hope to see, and pray to see the swamp drained and the Deep State neutralized. We want to have a ringside seat as every single coup-plotter and seditious traitor, from Obama and Clinton on down the line to the lowest unnamed "resistance" staffer, is set up like dominos to fall. And we want to see that feather-light touch that sends every last one of them falling in spectacular symmetry.

Thus far, we have been sorely disappointed. We never expected to wait, because it all is so obvious...to us. We simply didn't understand the odds stacked against us at the time. We now realize that President Trump is a man striving to adhere to the rule of law in the face of abject refusal to do the same from nearly all sides; he soldiers on, but still we wait for justice. And waiting is agony. But it is also necessary. The rule of law demands proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and that, especially in the face of unrelenting hostility to truth, takes time. We must now employ the Art of Patience. We must wait for the elaborate domino display. Planning and execution must both be utter perfection to be viable. The slightest mistake sends us back to square one.

We don't have that kind of time unless we re-elect President Trump, and even that guarantees us no win, but it certainly tips the odds in our favor. We must win in 2020. We will win in 2020. And when we do, we may well be treated to the most beautiful falling domino display of all time. Have faith. Vote. Wait.

User Comments

In case you are living in a bubble, Bill Cinton was impeached, not "slapped on the wrist".  Hillary Clinton has been dragged through mud sewers and perpetual vetting, slander and propaganda for twenty years.  Investigated thoroughly by a completely hostile Republican led Congress and Senate who found nothing to convict her for.  I know that listening to Fox and the likes of Limbaugh for literally hours a day for years at a time has convinced you not enough was done.  That is the result of brainwashing, which is what happens when you listen to the same message, consistently, over and over and over, but you will never convince a brainwashyed person they have been brainwashed, so that is moot.  Ditto all the other things you have been convinced Democrats have don and gotten away with a "slap on the wrist."  Again, all those years of Congressional and Senate investigations had ample opportunity to bring the hammer down.  Bottom line, if you are really "Christians," heres a thought.  My mother and grandmother drummed into my brain pretty thoroughly in the sixties and seventies that "two wrongs don't make a right," and the Golden Rule.  You might start getting a whole lot more respect if, instead of expecting your heros and idols to be perpetually raining down vengeance and "pay back" over things as far back as memory can conjure, you might try expecting your heros and idols, now that they have the poer of the sword, to start finally walking the walk and leading by example instead of doubling down on the process of doing exactly the things they have been complaining about others having done.  "an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind."  Stop holding onto generational grudges and make an effort toward integrity and virtue.  Oh, and maybe try not lying so much.

Trump's experience WILL give him an edge but his nemeses in the House, especially Pelosi, will be doing everything in their power to make his second 4 years just as miserable as his first. And if you've read any of nobody's nonsense you'll see just what he will be up against.

First, The Republicans will probably retake the House and take Pelosi from her position as Speaker. Second, Nobody just may not even have a party to adhere to. November will be a red wave,

I hope you're right. {#bath2.gif}


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