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The Socialists' Sneaky Plan

Added: Sunday, February 17th 2019 at 11:21am by us2nomads
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: politics

             The Socialists' Sneaky Plan
Better watch the Democratic/socialists closely. They are pressing to "fundamentally change" America, through the economy. Democrats are now pushing 2 radical plans; the Green New Deal and Medicare for all. Each of these will cost trillions, and both will destroy our economy, which is now "on top of the worldThey must win the Senate andThe White House. And they are targeting the young and stupid. Offering "free" stuff for their votes! However, each of these plans will cost trillions, destroying the American economy.
Before they can install a new, different system of government, they must destroy or remove the old! If our present system fails, bringing on another depression (going down Venezuella's path) then the young, college professors, and the MSM will be calling for change more and loudly. Then we may see an actual coup or civil war!
Let's face it; socialists do not care about citizens. They only want power. I still believe that the school shooting in Florida was a staged sacrifice to further the Dems' quest for gun control. The FBI and local law enforcement "bungled" the situation??  What did the sacrifice of 17 kids mean to socialists? Check out the history of Russia, China, and Vietnam. Socialists/ communists will do anything to gain power.
Army? During Obama's reign, the civilian government departments were armed. Even the IRS has guns! why? in case of a civil war or government enforcement of a takeover. The only government law enforcement department is the FBI.

User Comments

The socialist/communist plan all along has been to destroy our economy through regulations, social experiments, and environmental overkill. Socialism/communism CANNOT compete with Capitalism, so they have to burden our system, all along telling us there is no problem with their plans, proposals and regulations. I cite the housing crisis where, when they were being warned there was the danger of a crash, they claimed: "there is no crisis, YOU are a racist". 

"the civilian government departments were armed" ...not just armed, but armed with trillions of rounds of deadly hollow-tip ammunition. That's not simply for their protection, it's for OUR annihilation. 

I agree, many or most of the school shooting were staged, manufactured "crisis".

 "Never let a good crisis go to waste" ...even if it means creating one. 

How could there be actual shooters or patsies in these mass shootings? 

The CIA's Appalling Human Experiments With Mind Control | HISTORY


All Children demand "Free Stuff" from The Nannystate

I think is much more to this than we were told.

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