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Sheriffs Buck Washington State's New Gun Law

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 10:29am by us2nomads
Category: News & Issues
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Sheriffs Buck Washington State’s Severe New Gun Control Law
11:33 AM 02/11/2019 | Gun Laws & Legislation

Saying they don’t believe the legislation is constitutional, some sheriffs in Washington are rebelling against a new state gun law.

The law delivers an omnibus assortment of restrictions for gun owners, Fox News reported Monday. Both the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) say it is unconstitutional and have initiated a federal lawsuit against the state.

The sheriffs in a dozen rural counties say they will not recognize the law until the courts rule on its legality. At least one police chief has publicly condemned the legislation and refused to enforce it.

Washington voters passed the initiative during last November’s midterm elections. It increases the legal age for purchasing a semi-automatic firearm to 21 from 18, mandates successful completion of a gun safety course before purchasing a gun, and includes a comprehensive and probing background investigation. The NRA and SAF are focusing on the law’s age-limit increase in their legal challenge. (RELATED: SAF, NRA File Federal Lawsuit Challenging Washington’s Initiative 1639)
The New York chapter of the ACLU is skeptical of the allegations made by the NRA against the Cuomo administration. SHUTTERSTOCK/ Keith Homan

According to The Seattle Times, Ballot Initiative 1639, or I-1639, received more than 60 percent approval from the state electorate.

Supporters of the bill dismiss the opposition as a futile obstruction.

“The political grandstanding is disheartening,” Renee Hopkins told the AP. The head of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility suggested “we will have a huge problem” if background checks are not completed.

But critics in police uniform say they follow a higher guidance. (RELATED: House Democrats Move Quickly To Introduce Gun Control Legislation)

“I swore an oath to defend our citizens and their constitutionally protected rights,” Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones told the Associated Press. “I do not believe the popular vote overrules that.”

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Tags : background checks gun laws national rifle association second amendment

User Comments

Law enforcement is overwhelmed.  They don't have either budget or mandate to cover all they are surreptitiously burdened with.  However, not enforcing at personal descretion/whim deserves immediate termination/firing.  Which, if you think about it, is what any legislator immediately deserves who supports an anti-constitutional law.

PLUS...there is a sneaky consequence of not enforcing laws on the books: it teaches irreverence for the law and producecs lawbreakers of the uber-watchers of adults...impressionable children.

Children are SUPPOSED TO BE impressionable...that's their job: grow what's planted n them! ...watch and learn...from those who are SUPPOSED TO BE doing it right! 

Lawlessness has grown to "OK" in our culture. Now we have a culture which includes: "lawlessness is OK".  Who'd-a-thot-it?  {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif}   not a Lie-beral.

and dang few Conservatives...

Reminds me of the "Christian"churches...full of apostasy here in these end times.

I thought when I read this when it was passed it was a good law. But I am not sure I like the age limit, because if you can shoot any weapon in the military, then why can't you at 18? The rest I think was far. Bro. Doc

The peeps in WA voted for this!

WA State has obviously been thoroughly Californicated.

Then, again, before widespread Californication in the USA, when I lived in Seattle in the mid 60's, the lil ol ladies in state govt. outlawed Church Bingo!    Soooo... that should tell us why it has not been hard to swing 'em all to CA Left.  BTW, remember, "CA", is also the medical abbreviation for Cancer...{#basic-wink.gif}

It appears the Dems are at work in Washington State.  I have family who live there, and they carry.  I bet they're ready to blow a gasget over this ideotic new law.

I totally agree with this sheriff:

“I swore an oath to defend our citizens and their constitutionally protected rights,” Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones told the Associated Press . “I do not believe the popular vote overrules that.”

And I also think the electorate/peeps in WA need to wake up and smell the coffee...as they say. 

BUT, I also personally know that that is hard to do when peeps are busy up to their eyeballs, and the MSM & other Dems/Progressives/Socialists/Communists constantly feed them lies by the bucket-full...

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