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Panic over Shutdown

Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 12:51pm by us2nomads
Related Tags: politics

                  Panic Over Shutdown
 Suddenly the outrage over Trump's shutdown has increased dramatically. The "unnecessary" people missed their first paycheck! Panic is ensuing on the Democratic-inclined MSM!
So the Dems are all saying to Trump, "open the government and we "Might" discuss the border."
Seems like we have heard that lie before. Only accept a Democrat's actions, not promises
Mr. president, declare an emergency and shut down the illegals with a wall and the military! This nation is under siege on our Southern border, and we must protect our territory  and citizens!
I, and millions of vets once took an oath to protect our Constitution from ALL enemies, both foriegn and domestic! That means foriegn invaders and domestic politicians (Democratic socialists)
Stop the foriegners with a wall, stop the Democrats with votes!

User Comments

Right on!  US2  ! ! ! !

POTUS stated why he did not want to declare an national emergency. It will lead to a lawsuit and who knows then what will happen. Will it go the courts that already say Trump is wrong or will it get a fair hearing

Stay the course Mr. President, give them nothing. Democrats are not to be trusted...EVER!!!

The Dems are trying to trick Pres. Trump to open the government and they will give money. Better have it in a bill, and approved then he will open the Gov. Bro. Doc

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