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Judge Jeanine; Obama Started "Trump Hatred"!

Added: Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 at 12:31pm by us2nomads
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: news

Judge Jeanine: 'Obama started the Trump hate' By M. Catharine Evans Almost four years into the war on Donald Trump, any mention of Obama's role in the banana republic tactics has been covered up. The fact that high-ranking Obama-appointed FBI/CIA/intelligence officials have been caught plotting to delegitimize an election and remove President Trump from office makes it a sure bet that Obama, the consummate community organizer, had a tight leash on everything going on in the White House. During her show this past Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro and her guest, The Plot against the President author Lee Smith, specifically called out Barack Obama for "interfering in the peaceful transition of power" in 2016. It's about time. The five-minute interview ,which aired on Fox's Justice with Judge Jeanine, boiled this impeachment nightmare down to its essence: Barack Hussein Obama is the first president to orchestrate a coup against an incoming administration. Smith even went on to suggest thatObama has set up a command post less than two miles from the White House. As the "de facto head of the Democratic Party still ... Barack Obama is right in the middle of the anti- Trump operation," according to Smith. Judge Jeannine then recalled Obama's actions weeks before the 2016 election: Watching Barack Obama taking the week off and doing nothing but campaigning for Hillary Clinton ... to me I just remembered thinking to myself that's a little weird, um, I know Presidents support incoming but that was full-on, all-in Barack Obama worried about Trump, making fun of Trump, it had never happened that way in the history of this country. He started the Trump hate. In October 2016, a Sun-Sentinel article reported that the Clinton campaign had "deployed the President to key battleground states." At each stop, Obama mocked, derided, and attacked candidate Trump. When it looked as though a tough New York real estate mogul might actually beat Hillary Clinton, and worse, if elected, havethe cojones to expose the Obama regime as the third-world Marxist corruptocrats they are, President Obama put everything on hold and went all in, as Judge Jeanine observed. Obama's strategy of inciting hatred of candidate Trump was nothing new. For eight years, Obama had inspired his followers to hate America; rich white people; the police; corporations; private enterprise; and, most of all, those 'God, family, country' conservatives who would rise up in 2016 to reject yet another hater. Barack and Michelle Obama's record of malice toward this country, from Michelle's racist Princeton thesis to her speech in South Carolina calling the U.S. "a downright mean country" to candidate Obama's disdain for working-class "gun and religion clingers," laid the foundation of hate from which Trump Derangement Syndrome would emerge. The unprecedented attempted overthrow of a duly elected president continues this week in more impeachment hearings as the Democrats throw everything at POTUS, hopingsomething sticks. Against all logic, the Democrats and their voter base really, really hate Trump's guts. Jeanine Pirro rightly puts the blame for this hate-filled mockery of our Constitution on the Deep State's figurehead: Barack Hussein Obama.

User Comments

Yep, traitor Obama, ...our first un-president.  BUT,... OH! ..a person hs to be a citizen to be a traitor.

Remember?  One of his fiirst acts was to not honor the Stars & Stripes flag during the recitation of...well, you know...

Then, what ought to me VERY obvious to EVERY one, H E  IS  A  M U S L I M ! ! !  ...who are ALL sworn the duty to ursurp and/or to destroy all non-Muslims...


Violent, radical Muslims now have full legal immunity in France and can murder citizens with impunity, thanks to political correctness
Increasingly in Europe, citizens there are allowing their culture, heritage, and rule of law to be destroyed by political correctness. Maybe the overly permissive attitude is because Europeans live on a continent that destroyed itself — twice — in the last century. Maybe it’s just...

She's right.  As soon as Trump took office, Obama started the hate smearing campaign against him.

Obama started a lot of things... like the Christian bashing and the police bashing and the gun-owner bashing and the Conservative bashing. 

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