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Invasion of Turkey (Mohammedians)

Added: Thursday, October 10th 2019 at 6:30am by us2nomads
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: news

                        The Turk Invasion
In the 9th chapter of Revelation it is written; "Loose the 4 'angels' which are bound in the river Euphrates which are prepared for a year, and a month, and a day, and an  hour, for to slay a third of mankind."
 Substitute spirit for the word angels and you have a more correct wording. The spirit which delayed Daniel's answer inthe old testament was called a "prince.".
There are 4 empires that have ended in the area of the Euphrates; Assyrian, Babylonian, Medio-persian, and Greek. Modern day, Iran, Iraq, TURKEY, and a few smaller countries.
I believe that Turkey's invasion is the beginning of the empires gathering together. The Turks are Islamists! Turkey will join Syria in defeating syria's attackers, then join with Iran and Iraq!
Then, watch out, Europe, Israel and the world! I believe that Iran has ALREADY got nukes and will use them.
Islam has attempted to conquer the world since they formed under Mohammed, and they still hold to that goal! Their trading partner N. Korea may join in also.
But prophecy states that "in that day shall Michael (the warring angel) shall stand up." to help.
Could Michael work through the US? Who knows? Just a thought.
But, the world is in for great trouble. GET thee  ready!

User Comments

I doubt North Korea will aid the Turks because they are a Communist nation that doesn't support religion in general, least of all Islam.

The Middle-East has always vied for superiority. If it wasn't for the Christian crusades, they might have succeeded.

As for Iran, I don't think they're stupid enough to use their nukes because they know we could turn their entire country into a glass parking lot. I think they just want a bargaining chip. 

Could be, those are just some of my thoughts bouncing around in my little brain.

I believe Bro. Charles you are correct according too Rev 9. And could this be the start of the comming end of things? Bro. Doc

"Could Michael work through the US? Who knows? Just a thought. "

I hope so...

I think you could be right too. When it comes to these foreign countries. I think if they joined forces, they might think they could win. 

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