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Federal and State Laws

Added: Sunday, October 13th 2019 at 9:29am by us2nomads
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                       Federal Law VS State and Local
There are many questions today about the authority of state and local law vs. Federal law. The Constitution makes it very plain in the 10th Amendment.

Amendment X;
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

There are many laws by the federal government today which are completely unconstitutional, as they are not specifically given, or even mentioned. Such as;
seat belts

And the Constitution does give the feds authority which is then denied to the state or local governments;
The feds cannot override the state laws on Marijuana, only withhold finances. Now let's get something straight here; The federal courts are part of the federal government and covered in Article III of the Constitution. They also are prohibited from decisions on state laws given in the 10th Amendment. Their authority is stated to apply to laws "passed by Congress"! The decisions on gay marriage and abortion are unconstitutional and void! The state laws on marijuana and most drugs cannot be overturned by the feds. Laws on guns are a different matter since they are a right protected by the 2nd Amendment. Any law, fed., state, or local which prohibits ownership or carrying of guns is unconstitutional. Gun-free zones are illegal!This amendment does not specifically GIVE us gun rights, but protects the rights that we already have!
The biggest farce that I see today is the federal seat-belt law. Strictly illegal!

User Comments

Cut off ALL federal aid to lawless city & State govts!

Fire all congress-peeps who vote for idiotic oppressions of we-the-citizens-who- elected-them.

They are abusing we REAL Citizens!!!!!!  {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif}


They are abusing we REAL Citizens!!!!!!  {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif}

That means Bro. Charlies, there are lots of things the Feds do against the states with laws etc which is illegal and not suppose to be done. Fire all the liberal federal judges. Bro. Doc

The SCOTUS grabbed the power in 1803 when the Marshall court declared themselves to be the final arbiter over ALL laws, when the Constitution gives them authority over Congressional laws only. Congress since has not had to guts to call them out for it. They also go against the Constitution in another way. The constitutionsays that all criminal cases must be decided by jury, but fed judges always decide all cases. The Congress needs to recall some of them, alright.

This is very true Bro. Charles. Thank you. Bro. Doc

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